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David J Whyte

During my 25 years as a golf travel writer & photographer, I have visited dozens of amazing destinations around the planet. For most of that time, I served as Scotland’s ‘official’ golf course photographer, photographing every course, no matter how humble, in the ‘Home of Golf’. 

To be born in Scotland, become involved in the world of golf and travel far & wide to experience the game in so many wonderful places has been an incredible experience and opportunity. In my travel writing & photography, I strive to capture the essence of a place, discover its most charming qualities, its quintessential character and of course its ‘enogastronomico’. 

At the heart of it all though, is the great game of golf! And like anyone who has sampled, no matter how fleetingly, the joy of an easy swing and smooth connection, I get most excited with the prospect of a round or two – no matter where it might be!

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

It might seem obsequious to say that Italy has probably been one of my all-time favourite destinations. I’m sure I must have been Italian in a previous life as I feel so at home there. 

I have been working with Italy4golf for a considerable time now and I believe we share the same principles and values. It is a great pleasure for me to align with them to help attract more golfing visitors to encounter the wonderful food, wine, landscapes and lifestyle that makes Italy so hugely appealing.

Sonia Seco Montano

Linksland Luxury Golf Travel

Travel journalists are required, by dint of properly serving their editors and readership, to dig deep into select destinations and bring forward the very best each has to offer. Throughout my career, this has been my mission so it was only natural that I should take one further step and assist golfers and non-golfers alike to experience the places I have come to know and love. 

To this end, I have created a series of unique travel experiences that I offer to my clients around the globe. Linksland Luxury Golf Travel was established to bring together the very finest destinations, not only for golf but for the amazing culture, cuisine and character that they offer. We have formulated these as David J Whyte’s ‘Signature Experiences’, unique events and itineraries that give our guests something they could never find or formulate for themselves. And of course, Italy will loom large in our catalogue of exceptional encounters.

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