Francesco Molinari wins the British Open

The Turin-born golfer made history as the first Italian to win a Major golf championship, the British Open in Carnoustie, Scotland. Francesco Molinari, who came very close to achieving such an important result last year when he came second in the PGA Championship, finished the Open Championship, perhaps the most prestigious of all four main golf events, with a flawless eight-under-par total of 276.

Francesco is delighted to finally clinch this victory, immediately securing the approval and congratulations from the entire international golf environment, one of the first being phenomenon and friend Tiger Woods, who ended up in sixth place, stated: “Francesco played wonderfully. He deserved to win”.

The victory received a great deal of media coverage, not only on the international tabloids, but also and above all in the mainstream press, with the British headlines featuring “Magic, legend, shock victory” and today everyone is crazy about common-sensical Molinari hailing him as “the new Italian hero”.

This is an extremely sought-after result based on hard-work, training, family and humility, the mantra of the 35-year old golfer from Turin in whom everyone sees the future of this sport, in the hope that achievements of this kind can pave the way to giving the Italian golf sector a serious boost, both at an institutional and local level.

Moreover, this result could prove to be a driving force to promote the sport, for both young Italians who consider him as a mentor and a role model, as was Costantino Rocca for Molinari himself in 1995, and for international golfers so they will be further motivated to come and play on our magnificent golf courses.

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