Sonia Seco Montano

Roberto Van Heugten

I have been playing golf for about ten years, looking at the environment even before the hole. This means that in this sport I mainly appreciate the landscapes, context and the atmospheres I breathe by attending clubs in different Italian regions.

Of each tour, which I use to perform alone or with a few friends, I carry with me a lot of memories and some photographs. For this reason, even after some time, I am able to describe the experiences on the field by putting my hand to my profession as a writer, storyteller and connoisseur of web and social networks marketing techniques.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

It seemed natural to me to accept the involvement in Italy4Golf. I am in fact convinced that this community can be the best vehicle to spread the knowledge of Italian golf around the world.

To better tell future visitors about our splendid courses, I look for the “golf + hospitality” combination, with the certainty that conviviality and well-being are far more important than just sporting results.

And may a good dinner, after eighteen holes on the course, be remembered for longer than the shots fired on the fairways.

Sonia Seco Montano

About me

In 2014 I discovered a vocation that had been dormant for almost fifty years: writing.

Since now, I have three novels published by national publishers, about twenty short stories distributed in various anthologies, collaborations with off- and online publishing.

I, therefore, live with a pen and notebook always ready – and a computer to follow, of course – to be able to capture and fix the world around me on paper and pixels.

My works are entirely available on the web. I cannot and do not want to call myself a “public figure”; however, I believe I have something to tell about myself too, which is why I manage various social network profiles where to share ideas, opinions, images and successes.

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