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Italy4Golf and Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia

Italy4golf and Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia have entered into a partnership to encourage golf and experiential tourism on Lake Garda.

Italy4golf thus becomes the first point of contact for the Consortium in the creation of premium golf-themed tourism solutions on Lake Garda and in their promotion to international golfers. In turn, the Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia supports Italy4golf in setting up these solutions by encouraging relations with Garda representative interlocutors interested in this target.

The Golf Clubs of Lake Garda

The “most beautiful sport in the world” has found a perfect display case on Lake Garda in which to deposit some of its most precious and attractive jewels. In fact, golf made its appearance on Lake Garda in 1912 with the birth of Golf Bogliaco, the third oldest golf course in Italy.

In just over a century, while a thriving tourism and hospitality industry was able to grow around Lake Garda, the demand for greens & fairways has increased exponentially.

Hence the birth of a large series of initiatives which have created, in areas of high landscape value, some of the best Italian golf courses that host important competitions.

In the last thirty years of the twentieth century, the most famous golf architects have created courses of extraordinary beauty, known and appreciated especially in European countries:

With an ideal climate in both summer and winter, these clubs allow you to play while admiring the spectacular views and magical Garda atmosphere.

The territory of Lake Garda

Tourism and ecosystem reach a perfect symbiosis on Lake Garda.

Countless small agri-food realities of excellence, peculiar and eco-sustainable, pop up here and there among the many villages that dot the territory. Among these, vineyards and olive groves stand out, but we cannot forget the lemon houses, the small farms converted to agritourism, the niche products for the cosmetics sector …

And more and more are also prestigious accommodation facilities, often the result of the careful restoration of historic dwelling, or luxury resorts that know how to fit perfectly into the complex context of Garda.

But it is not only the widespread food and wine with its specific variations in each municipality that attracts tourists to Lake Garda. Not least in fact are the cultural proposals and all kind of sports, from paragliding to sailing, from horse riding to mountain biking.

And the best part is that everything is close-by: courses, resorts, attractions, art and culture, sports, wine and good food, can all be reached in a short time and with pleasant and fun routes.

Golf tourists can truly discover a new corner of their personal paradise here, and bring with them even non-golfing friends who will surely appreciate what Garda has to offer.

Golf Experiences at Lake Garda

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