Sonia Seco Montano

Sonia Seco Montano

I am glad and honoured to be part of Italy4golf’s Ambassadors team! Italy4golf’s philosophy and mission goes along perfectly with the message that my project “My Spain for You” wants to spread: the discovery of the natural, historical, culinary and cultural beauties of our area through unique and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

We have a common goal: to offer our clients the opportunity to broaden their horizons, because we love to organise surprising, exciting and enriching vacations and experiences that exceed all expectations!

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

The idea of joining forces with Italy4golf’s team comes from the shared desire of creating and promoting high quality, value-added vacations for golfer-tourists.

Networking helps us constantly improve our services, and the detailed knowledge of our areas and audiences allows us to offer surprising experiences to our clients.

Sonia Seco Montano

My Spain for You

My Spain for You was created to let you thoroughly experience my country the way I have been doing it since my childhood, and to transmit you the passion for its culture and beauty. My goal is to let you discover its places, people, foods, traditions, art and history as they really are and what makes them absolutely special and unique. I will help my clients before, after and throughout the whole trip, thanks to my local contacts, whom I know personally and have selected carefully.

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