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Contarini Estate – Villa Clementina

Elegance and style are at home at Villa Clementina, a historic villa of the 19th century immersed in the vineyards of Tenuta Contarini, in the heart of the Prosecco Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place cloaked in charm and full of surprises.

Entered the estate, an avenue of linden trees leads to the Villa, an ancient residence transformed into an agrituorism, with great care to preserve the charm. The rooms, for example, are furnished with antique furniture but equipped with all the services necessary to make your stay pleasant.

A few miles from Venice and from the Dolomites, Villa Clementina is the ideal place for a stay in the name of nature, relaxation and the great food and wine tradition that has always accompanied this territory.


The lands of Treviso have proved particularly suitable for viticulture, well protected by the Alps from the cold northern winds, warmed by the breezes of the Adriatic Sea and especially for a happy composition of the terrain and for the wisdom of the generations who have always dedicated intelligence, study and work to the vine and wine.

Evidence of this can be found in earlier traces than Roman colonization, but also in the fact that in 1877 the first Italian School of Viticulture and Enology was founded in Conegliano, one of the first in the world, spreading in the territory a modern wine culture that has allowed to renew the systems and to produce the Prosecco, wine today famous in the world.

Contarini Winery Company proudly comes from this territory and from its ancient traditions. The secret of the Contarini brand lies in the ongoing dialogue between past, present and future, with a merging of perspectives offering a framework to re-evaluate and interpret ancient and unchanged flavours in a contemporary twist, while constantly drawing their vital lymph tradition.


In this area there are also abbeys, ancient rural villages and the famous and beautiful hills, where the vine has found the perfect habitat to produce grapes with that particular and intense flavor. The heart of this landscape is Conegliano, a city that retains an unparalleled charm over time, dominated by the tower of its ancient castle.

Discover Tenuta Contarini, its excellent food and wine productions and the extra activities you can do with the Italy4golf Experiences in Veneto.

For example, a walk in the vineyard of the Estate where a wine tasting session of excellent Prosecco Contarini awaits you, followed by an evening picnic based on local delicacies in the park. And if the magic of Conegliano panoramas has hit you, take the chance to experience the nature and the spirit of this land by bike or Vespa.

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