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Beyond golfing holidays, discovering Italy’s hidden gems.

We design exclusive golf tours in Italy off the beaten track to experience a whole new world of culinary, historic, cultural and scenic delights.

Unforgettable tailor-made itineraries and fabulous travel programs!

Italy4golf Experiences provide unique activities integrated into top-quality solutions for a complete and customised touristic offer. Practice golf in the best Italian clubs while having the chance of truly experiencing Italy’s hidden gems.
Designed by I4G, all our Experiences are developed and managed with selected local tour operators to make sure you get a perfect holiday.

The utmost dolce vita experience in addition to playing golf at its best.

Golf lovers will have the opportunity to play on spectacular top level courses, located in fascinating  scenarios from the Alps to the Mediterranea Sea.

Meantime, they will spend quality time living the culture  and the charming beauty of this unique country: from  Venice to Rome, from Florence to Sicily.

Italy is definitely the ultimate Golf Destination.

It’s not just “Playing golf and staying at the hotel”. It’s an incredible taste of Italy!

We provide the best golfing holidays in Italy in pursuit of relaxation, taste and entertainment

We give our customers the opportunity to visit fascinating sites and locations far from the classic tourist routes, to taste the best Italian food and wine and to relax in luxurious resorts with SPA. 

The best of Italy at your hands.

Make your holiday even more unforgettable by choosing premium activities designed to make you experience 100% Italian lifestyle


Wellness for body and mind

Cultural events

Fashion Tours

Rumble of motors

Scents and tastes

Play with the Pro

Listen, taste, remember

Breathing history

Cooking Classes

Helicopter Tours


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