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Italy4Golf : How we work

If you are planning a golf trip to Italy, Italy4Golf is the best choice.
Whether it’s your first time in Italy or the 20th, there is always something special to discover.
Each of Italy province has its own must-see peculiarities. Just specify the region you prefer to visit and one of our local travel expert will provide you with a well-thought-out vacation plan. 
Ask information about your favourite trip and enjoy the amazing Dolce Vita experience!

Private Villa - Hospitality Italy4golf
  • What we offer.
    Many of sightseeing tours and custom packages which can meet any taste and budget.

  • Our experience
    Each of our travel specialists meets first-class industry standards and has 5-star rating.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
    Our experienced travel designers guarantee each client the most enjoyable and memorable experience.

Why choose us

Premium Activities

We select sought-after experiences and hidden gems off the beaten tourist track.

Charming Accomodations

We select highly prestigious locations that reflect Italian beauty and charm.

All tested and approved

We personally go to experience all of our tours and handpick only the most sought after experiences.

Tailor made experiences

We create personalized and customized tours ad hoc on the specific needs of the tourist.

… and of course


We chose among the best Italian golf courses designed by the most famous international champions and architects.

Our Operating Partner

Italy4Golf has found an important technical collaboration on the Italian territory : LTP
An Italian tour operator that has always made unique and personalized tourist proposals throughout Italy for foreign tourists.
Italy4golf and LTP have therefore forged a strategic partnership to create and manage unforgettable golf experiences.



More than 70 vehicles located throughout Italy between Florence, Milan and Venice.
Only Mercedes brand vehicles with E class and S Class sedans, V Class and Sprinter luxury minivans.
All of our multilingual, professionally licensed drivers have been carefully selected and trained by LTP.


LTP Travel, with its 5 offices located in the main cities of Italy,
is able to provide widespread support and rapid intervention
for any needs that clients may have relating
to their important trips.

Are you a tour operator or a travel agent?

We deliver all kind of services that support you.

Business Proposals

An entire collection of ready-to-use travel proposal.

Travel Product Thinking

Developing ad-hoc travel product to help you.

High gain proposal

Building brand awareness for your businesses
to increase potential reach.

Marketing Documentation

Personalized brochure with logo and digital marketing.

Super Fast service

We deliver you the best customized
proposal within few days.

All Italy4golf Proposals
share the same philosophy:

  • All-inclusive solutions
  • Top quality Hospitality & Food
  • Private Logistics to all venues
  • A variety of challenging Golf Courses designed by famous architects
  • Extra premium Activities (Golf Clinics, Private Visits to Exclusive Locations, Wine Tastings, Personal Shopping, Luxury Wellness…)

Our Proposals are developed and managed by specialised local tour operators, conceived for groups (even mixed groups of players and non-players) and can be deeply tailor made.



The right Car Rental for you

Your free luxury trip to Italy