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Italy4golf International Ambassadors


The modern tourist is seeking richer and more complete activities to enhance their journey experiences. It is not enough to offer an all-inclusive service. What is needed is to seek and select high value initiatives that can make a vacation truly unique and unforgettable.

Italy4golf has always believed in this idea of tourism, this is why our golf holidays are called “Experiences“.

Italy4golf is looking for Brand Ambassadors who share this approach to tourism and can promote these values and initiatives to their audiences.


Benefits for Italy4golf Ambassadors


Knowledge of the area

Italy4golf has developed its own network of italian tourism operators with a firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of the area. This allows I4G  ambassadors to offer unique, exclusive and high-quality products.

Premium Solutions

Italy4golf Ambassadors can count on innovative and personalizable experiences, along with high-level products and a unique service that only Italy4golf can offer to golfer-tourists willing to spend a vacation in Italy.

High Level Marketing Support

Italy4golf already has many kinds of vacation packages that will raise the interest of the target audience. Ambassadors can count on I4G’s excellent marketing support and can also request specific one.

Our Ambassadors


Leoš Kopecký  

“Itálie je krásná země plná mladistvé nerozvážnosti i zralé moudrosti. Baví mě svou láskou k životu a chutí ho prožít. Baví mě svým elánem, rytmem, smíchem. A navíc miluji dobré jídlo a víno. Parta Italy4golf se rozhodla golf a Itálii představit i Čechům, tak mě vzali do týmu”

(Italy is a beautiful country full of youthful rashness and mature wisdom. I like the country for their love for life and the desire to live it. I enjoy the enthusiasm,rhythm, laughter. Furthermore I love good food and wine. Italy4golf would like to introduce golf and Italy to Czechs therefore they asked me to join their team)

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Tero Parkkinen – founder | editor in chief at FORE!

“Pidän todella paljon Italy4golfin asenteesta ja mitä he ajattelevat golfmatkailusta. Meillä on yhteinen intohimo kertoa golfareille ainutlaatuisista elämyksistä mitä golfin ja matkailun kautta voi kokea”

(I really like the attitude of Italy4golf and what they think of golf. We share the passion to tell golfers about the unique experiences that golf and tourism can offer)

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Nicoletta Pilardi


Nicoletta Pilardi – founder 

“It is an absolute pleasure to be an Ambassador for Italy4golf and support its team in divulging all the beauty that Italy offers – and at the same time being able to combine a few cheeky rounds in the most breath-taking Italian golf courses!”

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Sean Coyle – founder

“Italy is such a beautiful country: amazing cities, food, wine, sightseeing, love for life. Working with Italy4golf is a pleasure and look forward to introducing the fantastic golf courses they also process!”

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Nicoletta Pilardi

U.K. – U.S. & Canada

Jakub Adamczak – founder

“Włochy są piękne dla zwiedzających jak również dla golfistów, piękne krajobrazy lub szeroko rozciągające się winnice przeplatane rundami golfa w słońcu mogą być wspaniałym rozwiązaniem na nie dokońca zaplanowane wakacje. Stając sie ambasadorem Italy4Golf będę miał możliwość współpracy z prężnie działającą organizacją zapewniającą fantastyczne doznania podczas golfowych wypadów na Półwysep Apeniński”

(Italy is beautiful both for those going there for sightseeing as well as golfers. Amazing landscapes as well as widely spreading vineyards, paired up with rounds of golf in-between, could be a fantastic solution for not fully planned holidays. Becoming an ambassador of Italy4golf I would have an honour to work with fully experience staff delivering amazing experiences while visiting Italian (Apennine) Peninsula)

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Join the Ambassador Project

Seize the opportunity to offer extraordinary and unique experiences in Italy to your audience of golfers!

Remember, you can always count on the support offered by Italy4golf with:

  • Premium solutions, unique in Italy.
  • Excellent marketing and communication material and documentation.
  • The chance to create bespoke experiences for your customers.

“You can’t get an idea of what beauty really is if you don’t visit Italy at least once and you only have to take the trouble to enjoy it fully and comfortably.
Johannes Brahms


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