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Scents and taste, before and after golf

Italy is one of the richest European countries for biodiversity, and we work with you for protecting it. How? Looking for combinations of food and drink that exalt the territory around your favourite golf, to offer you the possibility to experiment, taste and contribute to the life of our enogastronomic culture.

Travelling with italy4golf means to try and confirm the direct experience of our Ambassadors, specialists who know their land and organize for you tasty and fascinating itineraries, far from the offers dedicated to the great public.

“There are many stars…” says a famous advertising text. They shine and are the sign of many good restaurants. But they are not enough! Sometimes you could make wonderful experiences even in simple trattorias, known by local people. For this reason, we make an accurate selection and try it in person before suggesting it to you.

Your enthusiasm is ours: we prefer to admire the stars up there in the sky, knowing there is only the best on your plate.

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    All our proposals are optimized for groups of at least 4 people. Some activities are not organized for a smaller number of people for both logistical and cost reasons.

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