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Sonia Seco Montano

Sean Coyle

I started playing golf in childhood and truly fell in love with the game, seven years ago I founded Southport Coast Links Championship which is now one of Britain’s Finest Amateur golf events, this gave birth to many successful golf championships: Aberdeen Coast Links Championship, South Wales Coast Championship and Rosapenna Coast Links Championship.

2019 saw also the launch of the Amateur Senior Tour (first tour for over 50s) and soon Sandwich Coast Links Championship and Lisbon Coast Links Championship will be added to the list.

The increasing demand for golf events combined with the friendships I’ve collected doing this job, Fairway Golf Group Holidays was born about. Now, with this partnership with Italy4golf, I can’t wait to get my friends to experience Italy and its fantastic golf courses.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

Italy is such a beautiful country: amazing cities, food, wine, sightseeing, love for life. Working with Italy4golf is a pleasure and look forward to introducing the fantastic golf courses they also process.

Sonia Seco Montano

Sean Coyle Golf Events

Sean Coyle golf events arrange top quality golf holidays tailored to you. We will be in touch and tailor your holiday specifications to your group and make sure you have the golfing holiday of a lifetime. Our holidays are mixed competitions played in a fun and very friendly environment with emphasis being on ensuring you enjoy your holiday. Non-golfers are more than welcome also, your host for the week Sean Coyle, will take care of everything on your holiday.

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