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Sonia Seco Montano

Cristina De Rossi

I have been dealing for years with tourist planning and consultancy for travel agencies, tour operators and service companies for many destinations, to grant wishes and make them reality by looking for and choosing the right place for every need, offering unique and unrepeatable services.

Now I dedicate myself to promote the Italian territory in particular Lake Garda, a pulsating open-air museum, where everything and every little gesture reminds the flavor of ancient traditions.

I like to get excited and to excite people with the discovery of magical places thanks to art, nature, food and wine, craftsmanship and innovation.

I will lead you by the hand to walk through history between comfort and design, tradition and beauty, to savor all those small habits that make Italy great and so special.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I chose to collaborate with Italy4golf because our worlds have harmoniously crossed with similar but different skills.

What we share is the desire to make our territory known through its excellence to allow our guests to live unique and unrepeatable experiences.

Sonia Seco Montano

Il Mondo Ovunque

Il Mondo Ovunque is a reality with a dual soul that collaborates with other professionals. On one side, it’s a blog with short but significant articles, a storytelling about Lake Garda, to encourage knowledge of art, nature, history and traditions and at the same time to promote a slow and above all sustainable tourism, that can respect the fragile and delicate balance between man and environment.

On the other side, Il Mondo Ovunque offers advanced consultancy services: to accommodation facilities, to public and private bodies in order to promote their areas and improve their attractiveness and visibility, to tour operators for the creation of experiences, for negotiations and tourist planning and, last-but-not-least, personalized tourist guide services on Lake Garda.

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