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Patrizia Marazzi

Massimiliano Romano

Engaged for years in searching the perfect trip, in the search for the detail and for that unique and unrepeatable experience for the customers, to let them return home not only with many photos in their pockets but with something more important in their hearts. This has always been my mission in the world of tourism… to get excited when planning a trip, but above all to excite those who experience the trip.

“To discover and appreciate our territory, with its famous lake and everything that surrounds it, does nothing but continue to fuel the desire to create increasingly exciting travel experiences… we want you to have a unique and indelible memory of our Como Lake, of our history and our mountains “


Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I met Italy4Golf, and a few words and a few glances were enough to understand that we could walk together in the same direction, combining experiences both far and near.

I had no doubts, Italy4Golf is a world of which I wanted the pleasure to be part of.

Maxyma Viaggi


Maxyma Viaggi is a dream that has become reality.

The desire to travel, to study, to discover new lands, different people, different cultures, has made this dream become a solid entrepreneurial reality over the years and, thanks also to its collaborators, it has increasingly found a way to carve out an important position in the world of tailor-made travels and experiential travels, making of the quality a flag that can be waved higher and higher.

Massimiliano Romano Maxyma Viaggi
Massimiliano Romano Maxyma Viaggi
Massimiliano Romano Maxyma Viaggi
Massimiliano Romano Maxyma Viaggi


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