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Nicoletta Cosolo

Nicoletta Cosolo

After more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, first as Store Manager in the fashion district in Milan and then as a commercial figure in Showroom I decided to continue my profession as Image Consultant and personal shopper.
During my previous career, I had the privilege of working with the best luxury brands on the international market.
To name a few: Valentino Fashion Group, Salvatore Ferragamo, M Missoni, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chloe’, Giorgio Armani.
The one with Armani was for me the most memorable and constructive experience, working for a designer of this caliber in an international world like his, taught me nothing to be left to chance and this has become one of my mantras .
I have collaborations for my activity in the cities of Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome.
A dedicated service that will be very useful to the person also to acquire awareness and ability
in choosing without making mistakes and/ or wrong choices than before.
To summarize: my profession is not just creating an outfit, but much, much more.
The person gives me his past, his present, his life and his expectations and is for
That the responsibility is double
My job is to bring out the qualities that each of us possesses, but of which we often do not have full
awareness and I try to give it through my preparation and passion for what
I do. This is me!

Why Italy4golf Ambassador

I chose to collaborate with Italy4golf because our worlds have harmoniously crossed with similar but different skills.
What unites us is the desire to make our guests live unforgettable experiences, which can only be experienced in Italy.
Fashion, perfumes and the best of Made in Italy are what I want to make known to our friends from other countries.

Sonia Seco Montano

Niki’s Glam

Image consulting
A path that we will take together after sitting over a good coffee. To regain harmony with yourself and the world around you, it will be essential to start from scratch and erase part or all of your old EGO to make room for the new YOU. 

Personal Shopper
Are you curious to know the best shops and the most elegant and fashionable boutiques of the Milan Quadrilateral for your purchases? With my personal shopping service you will discover all this and much more. I will take you to discover great shops and recommend what to buy depending on your style, time and budget. Be amazed with new and exclusive proposals.

With the advice of Armocromy in Milan or in your city, you will discover together with Niki the color palette that reflects you and enhances your complexion. Finally you will learn which colors to choose for your dresses and your makeup!

The right Car Rental for you

Your free luxury trip to Italy