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Patrizia Marazzi

Patrizia Marazzi

Good morning!

I am Patrizia Marazzi. I have been working in the wine industry for more than 20 years. Mainly in the role of export manager. At present, I have chosen to bring my experience into tourism. Now I am ready to reply to the curiosities and expectations of European and non-European wine lovers.

In my view, wine is much more than the liquid of a specific vintage in our glass. It is the final result of great collaboration among people, climate, and soil.

Thanks to it, we can harvest and fill the cellars every year of easy-drinking and long-aging wines to share with our guests.

I wish to transfer this “mood” to visitors to our territories. I have designed walking tours through the vineyards to reach the wineries and the olive oil mill to “taste” our environment together, relaxing at the same time. Let’s share a glass of wine and some legends of our populations transferred over the centuries.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I have chosen to collaborate with Italy4golf because we both want to offer our guests “unexpected experiences” so that their holidays are truly unforgettable.

Sometimes destinations are known only for the most well-known aspects.

We are there to take you to discover well-hidden gems of our lands to see or taste.

Spiriti Liberi

Spiriti Liberi

I tend to play my role outside the usual perimeter of the wine world. Wine is the common thread of human history and life, of the seasons, of the climate.

Let’s take an example? I can take you around to wineries to find your favourite wine or let you discover a niche winery during your holiday. If you are going to get married, I can offer you a particular wine to accompany your favours or, why not, entertain your guests waiting for the ceremony with anecdotes about the “hidden gems” of our territories. Wine does not like limits and barriers. It overcomes them or clears them, always at ease. Are you ready?

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