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Sonia Seco Montano

Roberto Matetich

For just over ten years I have been passionate about the world of wine, gradually discovering the universe that revolves around it: fabulous places, the work and passion of the winemakers, their history, sometimes handed down for generations. Finally, their wines, expressions of these microcosms.

A few years ago I became a sommelier, driven by the challenge of being able to make a passion into a new profession.

I go in search of small quality production companies, often little known to the general public, of which I like to tell and share the realities, organizing tastings of their wines or visits to the cellar.

Thus was born the project, an e-commerce website founded in collaboration with my son Fabrizio and the two dear friends Massimo and Dario. On this platform we write about experiences, visits, people, vines, wines, but we also market the products of some of these cellars, making it possible for many friends and enthusiasts to get to know them and taste them.

Wines that will never see large-scale distribution, wines for a few fans, with a story to tell.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I have known Italy4golf for a long time now, I immediately appreciated and I found myself in tune with their founding principle and the values ​​it brings: attention to the person and the quality of the experience, the divulgation aimed at putting two worlds in contact rich in history and tradition such as golf and wine.

It was, therefore, natural to join their Ambassadors team, together we will be able to introduce golfers and their families to the tasty food and wine experiences that await them in Italy, perhaps directly in the cellar!

Sonia Seco Montano


vinoNpertutti was born from the passion that a group of friends has for good wine, the one produced with dedication, sweat and sacrifices; still essential elements in the work of many winemakers, capable of creating a product that stands out.

This passion has led our heterogeneous team to confront themselves on labels that are not very popular on the edge of the challenge in search of the best. Why not share our selection with others? Why not widen the knowledge of quality products?

The continuous comparison and contamination of ideas that animate the authors in the constant search for selected wines, has resulted in vinoNpertutti: a showcase for small productions from small and medium-small companies, characteristics for pure vinification from native vines, cru, particular results of wines known and less known, but always handcrafted.

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