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Emanuele Ginocchi

Salvatore Licata


I was born and raised in Turin. For over 30 years, after specializing in the field of Tourism at the Bocconi University (Milan), I have been promoting Italy and the Italian spirit/style, both at home and abroad, thanks to several trips / stays across 5 continents and a wide ranging work experience with international institutions, companies and individuals who consider “travelling” a major opportunity for “growing”, getting to know yourself and mankind, fulfilling life.

Professional Tour Guide and Tour Manager by “vocation”, I interpret my role with passion and commitment, focusing on visits / tours accordingly to the client’s wishes.

Guiding or escorting you will be an authentic privilege and pleasure for me… for you, I hope, it would be an unforgettable experience to share!

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I have spent part of my life travelling and working abroad, realizing that most people love Italy so much. Itali4golf and I also share this love for the Bel Paese and for my region too, Piedmont, where golf players can feel at home and enjoy a dream holiday. A region of beauty, freedom, flavor and spirit, Piedmont can be a paradise for golfers and their families!

Magical Turin, the city you do not expect…

Yes, my town is a real surprise, for everyone, visitor or tourist, foreigner or national. Piedmont’s chief town and Italy’s first capital city, Turin is an incredible puzzle, alchemy of landscapes, architectures where nature, art, history, enogastronomy blend to surprise the senses, providing timeless atmosphere, by day and by night. The Winter Olympic Games in 2006 were the turning point, marking a new trend for the city finally recognized as “a city of art”. Austere and elegant, lively and friendly, attractive and always on the move, Turin and I are looking forward to welcome you to explore its excellences and most charming secret corners.       


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