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Women’s Golf Clinic with Federica Dassù

Improve your swing with a Golf Clinic while enjoying a wonderful golfing holiday among the excellences of Tuscany, spoilt for choice with a variety of options ranging from marvellous landscapes, private visits to craftsmen’s and local artisans’ ateliers, personal shopping in the city centre of Florence to a series of zero-mile food and wine specialities!

What better opportunity to attend an all-women’s Golf Clinic with Federica Dassù: one of the most important women on the Italian golfing scene, the first Italian woman to dedicate herself to competitive golf as a professional player!


Federica Dassù has represented Italy in various European championships and in four world championships, she has been the Italian women’s golfing champion for a total of 7 times in various categories and she can boast six victories in the Ladies European Tour (the most recent one was the Spanish Open in 2003).

She then started a collaboration with the Italian Golf Federation as the coach of the National Women’s Teams. Thereafter, she became the Technical manager of the amateur National Women’s Team and as from 2012 she became part of the Staff of the National Professional Golf Team following the Women’s Tour.


No less important was the position of Head-coach held as from 2008 and for several years at the Golf Club Ugolino, where she trained the professional golfers Vittoria Valvassori and Margherita Rigon and where she worked passionately as the coach of the youth sector managing to help the Ugolino win the “Seminatore d’oro” in 2016 as the golf club carrying out the best youth sector activities. Instead, as from 2018 she has been the regional coach.

An extremely satisfying and successful career that in 2016 led Federica Dassù to enter the Hall of Fame of the Italian Professional Golfing Association.


The Golf Clinic organised by Italy4golf within the context of the “Tuscany 4 Ladies” Experience with Federica Dassù will be held on the Ugolino Golf Club course and foresees 3 different theoretical and practical sessions: the analysis and improvement of putting skills using CAPTO technology; short game techniques; long game techniques with the aid of the TRACKMAN technology to analyse and improve one’s swing.

A Golf Clinic not to be missed that further enhances the Tuscany Experience dedicated to international golfers!


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