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Ambassadors Italy4golf: a new resource for Italian tourism

Italy4golf makes official its network of international spokespersons, the Italy4golf Ambassadors, esteemed and renowned golf tourism professionals active for decades in Europe and in the USA, with particular reference to high-level golf tourism markets.

The Ambassadors Project is the natural consequence of the research carried out so far, as of the relationships established with international operators and of their feedback. A path in progress since the advent of the Italy4golf Experiences which today becomes official with the publication of the international Ambassadors personal pages who have already joined the Project on Italy4golf website.

Italy4golf Ambassadors’ purpose

The Ambassadors’ duties are twofold and supported by closely interconnected motivations:

1 – Promotion of Italy4golf Experiences and Philosophy

Promotion of a golf tourism in Italy deeply connected to the values of the territory and its excellences (culture, traditions, art, history, food and wine, design, lifestyle, etc.) to interested publics selected by the Ambassador and of whom he/she knows habits, needs and desires.

2 – Support for the creation of Experiences and for the selection of Premium Activities

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of its audiences and to the close and continuous relationship with them, the Ambassador is a very important figure in defining the details of the tourist proposals (duration, region, golf courses, etc.) and their experiential contents ( culture, motors, landscapes, wellness, food, etc.).

Reviving tourism in the time of the Coronavirus

We believe that the Ambassadors Project fits perfectly into the contemporary world we live in because, yes, the current paralysis of global tourism as a consequence of the COVID-19 emergency is certainly a crisis, but, exactly for this reason, it also represents the ideal time to forge new collaborations, to renew the proposals, to implement all the strategies useful to show how attractive our Country is. Because it is precisely when we are forced to sit still that we start thinking about our next trip.

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