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The importance of a Golf clinic


When you spend your time jogging along golf courses observing, as I do, a complex of factors, such as the beauty of the course and its surroundings, the services that complete the experience, the territory, the traditions, the kitchen and the hospitality… the quality of played golf might drop in the background.

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A golf vacation between Tuscany and Rome

From the Etruscans to the Renaissance, passing through  the ancient Rome, maritime republics, centuries-old dynasties and a triumph of art, culture, beauty and history.
From the Chiantishire of Sting and the royals of England and Holland to Val d’Orcia and then down to the fortress of Marco Simone for a taste of Ryder Cup 2023.

From the historical labels of florentine Tuscany to the powerful flavors of Roman cuisine.

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Venetian dreams for golfers

Nine unforgettable days to live the dream of Venice.

The enchantment of the city of lovers, the most beautiful and poignant in the world, where every alley and every canal is cloaked in history and beauty, meets in this incredible Experience the thrill of golf on 3 of the most beautiful courses in Italy.

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A golfing holiday between Tuscany and Rome

A golf holiday developed in partnership with our partner Royal Links Golf Tours for American golfers, but not only

4 days of wonderful golf at 4 of the best and historic golf clubs, enjoying a 8-nights stay in wonderfuls 5-star hotels that can also make taste the spirit of the famous italian tourism heritage, not to mention the delicious cuisine based on local food and traditional recipes you will have in many different selected restaurants.

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Experiential tourism: a new trend in golf tourism

A few weeks ago we shared on social media some excerpts taken from an article published in the famous Finnish magazine Honour Golf analyzing the ongoing changes in the golf tourism sector, in particular concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. The interesting article signed by the editor-in-chief Jukka Rimpiläinen takes its cue from the project Italy4golf to outline some behavioural models of golfers on holiday, their new needs and their emerging desires.

Thanks to the kind permission of the author, below we report the full article translated into English.

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