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Eolie : A day of Magic among History, Sea, and Cuisine

Are you ready to experience a day of pure magic in the Aeolian Islands, exploring the enchanting island of Lipari?

With Italy4Golf, you’ll not only have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Sicilian golf courses but also to immerse yourselves in the nature, history, and culture of this paradisiacal corner of the Mediterranean.

After a captivating hydrofoil ride from Milazzo, you’ll explore Lipari’s picturesque old town, strolling through cobblestone streets and visiting the Archaeological Museum housed in the majestic Castle. You’ll admire ancient vases and statues that tell the island’s millennia-old story and enjoy breathtaking views from the castle walls.

Savor the flavors of Aeolian cuisine during lunch at a typical restaurant, indulging in fresh seafood and the renowned Malvasia wine of Lipari. In the afternoon, unwind at Canneto Beach, immersing yourselves in crystal-clear waters and soaking up the sun and sea breeze, or opt for a boat excursion to explore the surrounding bays and marine caves, marveling at the island’s unique natural scenery.

As the sun sets, relax with an aperitif at a panoramic bar, admiring the sky painted in shades of red and orange before heading back to the port.

An experience in Lipari with Italy4Golf isn’t just a trip—it’s an immersion into the history, nature, and culture of the Aeolian Islands, perfect for those seeking a vacation that combines sports, relaxation, and discovery.

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