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Patrizia Marazzi

Patrizia is professional sommelier Wset3 and outdoor tour guide.

Her passion for wine, art and history and the Lombard territory led her to create a series of paths.
These proposals develop like stories in nature and tell us about Italian tradition, history and wine.

Valpolicella: from lake view, through stones and red nectars

A new story of walks in the company of our Patrizia Marazzi in the wine territories of northern Italy.
Timeless stones, marbles of memory, a spectacular view of the lake, and a silent path through the woods are the stage.

And then the world-famous red wines tasted at the origin with the hosts. Calmly and able to ask as many questions as needed.

Not just a wine tour but a collection of experiences for an intense leisure time of people curious about the “hidden pearls” of the peninsula.

Nature and human ingenuity have forged this territory over the centuries. In our tour, we aim to capture the essence of the place beyond the vineyards nowadays.

On foot, we leave the village of San Giorgio in V. to venture into the woods and then along paths through vineyards and olive groves until we arrive at the estate to taste four Valpolicella wines, one of which is the worldwide-appreciated Amarone della Valpolicella, of course.

The experience is conceived and guided by Italy4golf Ambassador Patrizia Marazzi


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