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Patrizia Marazzi

Patrizia is professional sommelier Wset3 and outdoor tour guide.

Her passion for wine, art and history and the Lombard territory led her to create a series of paths.
These proposals develop like stories in nature and tell us about Italian tradition, history and wine.

Discover Brescia by walking and tasting in its squares

A new story of walks in the company of our Patrizia Marazzi in the wine territories of northern Italy.
The squares of our cities tell us stories of the past. Markets, gatherings, protests, and public life occurred in the squares. They are the open stage of our communities.

Brescia’s squares are the perfect stops along our walk through history to rest, look around, and discover local wine appellations. Small tastings of “dolce vita” are waiting for you there.

Can you imagine visiting a place through their wines, too? Sure, wine is a pact between nature and humans before being a drink. It always feels comfortable with people, especially when they celebrate.

The walking tour, among the squares of Brescia, has the dual purpose of introducing you to the local history and the best-known wines of Brescia paired with local food because your visit is only complete if you get their local flavors!

The experience is conceived and guided by Italy4golf Ambassador Patrizia Marazzi


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