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Patrizia Marazzi

Patrizia is professional sommelier Wset3 and outdoor tour guide.

Her passion for wine, art and history and the Lombard territory led her to create a series of paths.
These proposals develop like stories in nature and tell us about Italian tradition, history and wine.

Valtenesi: where the pink color dominates

A new story of walks in the company of our Patrizia Marazzi in the wine territories of northern Italy.
The lake is an attraction no to be missed. Immense and mesmerizing, it captures the attention of guests and residents.

The walk tells the story of simple and discreet people. Totally engaged in olive and vine growing today, as they have been along the centuries.

The wines are the mirror of this character: welcoming and delicate.

Nature and man’s work have designed this place over the centuries.

This excursion aims to explore a wine destination besides the vineyards – a place of contrasts where the destination is famous, and the wine appellation is almost unknown.

Discover the delicate color and the smell of the red fruits of the Groppello grape, extremely discreet like their producer’s character. And raise the glass with some local food to pair!

The experience is conceived and guided by Italy4golf Ambassador Patrizia Marazzi


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