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Olfactory tailoring experience workshop in Venice

Discover our exclusive Fashion Tours and immerse yourself in a unique olfactory tailoring experience at The Merchant of Venice.

Guided by master perfumers, you’ll create a personalized fragrance that reflects your personality and style. Each scent is a sensory journey through exclusive ingredients and unique combinations.

At The Merchant of Venice, you can delve into a unique experience to craft your own personalized fragrance.
Through a sensory journey guided by master perfumers, customers can choose exclusive ingredients and unique combinations to create a bespoke scent that reflects their personality and style. This artisanal experience not only offers a unique perfume but also an emotional connection to the creative process behind it.

The “Olfactory Composition Workshop” , includes a first part dedicated to the history of perfume, very immersive, ten historical periods, each with a “tasting” of three different raw materials, then the explanation of the pyramid of a fragrance, the olfactory families and finally the composition of a personalized perfume to take home.

Olfactory tailoring experience workshop Venice


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