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Bresciatourism patronises Italy4golf

Bresciatourism, a non-profit company that promotes tourism in the city and province of Brescia, patronises the Italy4golf project.

A goal achieved as a result of the recognition of Italy4golf’s aims and work in promoting tourism, especially international, in the Brescia area.

In fact, as stated in the Company Profile on the Bresciatourism website “Bresciatourism’s objective is to spread knowledge of the Brescia area and its environmental, cultural and tourist characteristics”.

The Bresciatourism organization has therefore decided to support Italy4golf. Since its birth, our project has been working to spread knowledge to its public about art, culture, Brescia’s celebrated cuisine, itineraries, wellness, sport and the many excellences of the Brescia area.

The province of Brescia has an incredible variety of landscapes. Each corner is unique and rich in history, like the three large lakes, all different and fascinating: the Mediterranean lake Garda, the northern-like lake Idro and the romantic lake Iseo.

Among the unmissable stages, which of course you can find in our experiential golf tourism proposals, the City of Brescia, with its great historical and artistic heritage, and the Franciacorta area, characterized by gentle hills rich of vineyards that give life to the worldwide famous wine.

A territory rich in natural and human beauty, meaning not only the important works that man has made here over the millennia (from the cave petroglyphs, passing through the Roman Forum and ruins, to the most recent architectural and engineering creations) but also the traditions and the people themselves, recognized everywhere for their tenacity, dedication to work and goodness of spirit.

An acknowledgement, the patronage of Bresciatourism, which gratifies us in seeing recognized the value of Italy4golf, a project born on Brescia soil, just as it makes us proud to belong to this territory.

For more information on Bresciatourism and the many extraordinary beauties of Brescia, you can refer to its website.

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