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Elegant Elephant Travel Co. : a new strategic partnership.

We are pleased to introduce Elegant Elephant Travel Co. as the new strategic partner of our American network.

Founded in 2016, this company specializes in organizing customized luxury vacations, thanks to the attention it pays to every detail to make its clients’ dreams come true. The founder, with extensive experience in luxury travel, is an expert in many global destinations, including Europe, where she discovered her passion for Italy, becoming one of the most requested destinations by her clients. Elegant Elephant Travel Co. stands out for its ability to offer tailor-made travel experiences to meet the wishes and needs of each client. The company was recently featured in the travel section of Main & Broad magazine and received the prestigious 2022 New World Report Travel Award for North Carolina. We are excited to collaborate with Elegant Elephant Travel Co. to offer our clients an unforgettable travel experience.

Here’s how Andrea Fermanis, owner of Elegant Elephant Travel Co., told us her story:

“At Elegant Elephant Travel Co., I dedicate myself to taking the stress out of researching, designing, and coordinating your next luxury vacation.

I founded Elegant Elephant Travel Co. in 2016. I formed my company to serve those seeking the ultimate luxury travel experiences. With attention to every little detail, I strive to make your dreams a reality.

I started traveling to all-inclusive, tropical resorts with my family as a 12-year-old. Since then, I have been fostering a love for and knowledge of travel. I started out becoming an expert in Caribbean all-inclusive luxury destinations along with Destination Weddings and other forms of luxury romance travel. “

“Now, I am an expert in many other global destinations and have an extended amount of certifications in those locations.

I am also a lover of all things Europe! I went to Italy for the first time when I was 24 years old absolutely fell in love with the country. In the past 2 years, Italy has been my most requested destination along with French Polynesia and Greece.

Elegant Elephant Travel Co. does not sell one size fits all vacation packages. Our business provides custom tailored luxury vacation experiences that cater to your specific wants and needs. It is my passion to send my clients on luxury vacations they will never forget.

Elegant Elephant Travel Co. was recently featured in Main & Broad Magazine’s Travel section. Read this article for more details. Elegant Elephant Travel Co. also just received the prestigious New World Report 2022 Travel Award for North Carolina.”

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