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Experiences Italy4golf – safety, quality and sustainability

Many industry experts claim the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the perception of tourism internationally, probably forever. New important needs have actually arisen, such as health security, which today seems essential, but in our opinion, there has also been a strong acceleration of some trends: people want a holiday that is increasingly a significant experience, made of contamination and territoriality, quality and sustainability.


The transition to this evolved kind of vacation is a phenomenon that has been going on for some years now. Contemporary tourists express deeper and more complex interests: they are no more happy in just spending their holiday at a beautiful resort, they want to make real and direct experience of the context. They want to discover the authenticity of the places, to learn from their traditions, to taste local products, to interact with people and the culture of the place.


It is a more authentic, richer and more sustainable kind of holiday. Undoubtedly it is slower and requires sensations and emotions to live and remember and, for this reason, it surely is an important challenge for operators who are now asked to evolve their proposal, but in many aspects, it is also a great opportunity for better, healthier, smarter and more fulfilling tourism.


When we started to develop Italy4golf’s tourism proposal, we wanted to base it on many of these values, that’s why we called them “Experiences”. Our golf holidays aim to offer the golfer an opportunity to experience real “quality integrated contexts“. This has been possible thanks to the development of territorial clusters of excellence, with the creation of networks of people and societies that in our opinion represent the best of Italy.


Our well-rounded tourism proposals, therefore, come from the co-design and cooperation with territorial excellences. Italy4golf Experiences are a chance to live a complex of situations where everything is designed to give a full immersion that goes beyond playing golf on some of the best Italian courses. Of course, golf is certainly the main reason, but the whole and true experience is given by the local relational context that cloaks all the holiday.


The experience starts from hospitality, thanks to safe and perfectly clean facilities that guarantee comfort, quality, completeness of services, charm, relaxation and psychophysical wellness. And it continues with the many, unmissable, extra activities we propose such as wine tasting in renowned family-run wineries, visits to workshops of artists and artisans who work with international brands, gourmet dinners in selected restaurants that offer typical dishes based on zero km products: everything contributes to creating the experience.

In short, the whole Italy4golf proposal is designed around the concept of experience because this wants to be and because we believe that is the best and most beautiful way to live a golf holiday.


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