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Franciacorta and Gardagolf become part of the Italy4golf network

As from today, Franciacorta Golf Club and Gardagolf Country Club are part of the Italy4golf network!

We are very proud to have initiated a collaboration with these two important Italian golf courses and together with the Matilde di Canossa Golf Club and the Villafranca Golf Club Le Vigne, they bring prestige to our network, contributing towards making it increasingly consolidated.

The Franciacorta Golf Club and the Gardagolf Country Club are two golfing facilities that are part of the circuit of historical courses in the north of Italy, two established entities that, for some time now, have been characterised by a spirit of innovation and openness, and for this reason, they have firmly believed in the Italy4golf project right from its very beginning.

If the logic of becoming a member of the club is still an important factor, also and obviously not only, to maintain the identity of the club itself, it is clear that today, the golfing sector in Italy is showing some signs of difficulty: by now, many of us are aware of the need to make the business associated with this sport flourish.

As always, in complex situations, it is not possible to identify a single, univocal cause, and perhaps it would be pointless to do so; instead, it appears to be of paramount importance to show the capacity to innovate and reinvent, in the knowledge that this cannot but improve the current situation.

In fact, for fear of losing what one already has, there is the tendency to become entrenched in a defensive position, when perhaps it would be much wiser to devote oneself to the cause, opening up to new opportunities, new ideas, in order to improve the criticalities and, at the same time, to highlight one’s worth, one’s unique, distinguishing qualities.

It is by putting oneself on the line that new things are learnt, opportunities that tomorrow could also turn into solutions, and not necessarily at the expense of what we have now. On the contrary, it is usually innovation that contributes towards the relaunching of a concept, also seen through the eyes of an enthusiastic yet tired audience, as well as being capable of arousing the interest of new audiences, seen also simply as new generations.

Franciacorta Golf Club, Gardagolf Country Club, Matilde di Canossa Golf Club, Villafranca Golf Club Le Vigne


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