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Gary Player: Antognolla Golf and Royal Golf La Bagnaia excellent courses in perfect condition

Gary Player, winner of 9 Majors in his long career and renowned designer of golf courses, was last week visiting two of the most beautiful and exciting Italian golf courses, the Antognolla Golf Club and the Royal Golf La Bagnaia, both present in our Experiences in Umbria and Tuscany.

Player, who had been on a whistle-stop tour of Italy following the BMW PGA Championships at Wentworth, played on both courses and complemented the excellent conditions found in the two structures. At the Royal Golf La Bagnaia he played with the director Brodie Macdonald getting six birdies in 18 holes (a month before his 86th birthday) and praising the excellent condition of the greens.

Interviewed at the Antognolla, the Black Knight said “Although it’s been a very short trip to Antognolla Golf, I can say without reservation that the greens are some of the finest you’ll see here in Italy. The views from the course are simply spectacular and when the 12th-century castle is restored as a hotel it will be one of the most beautiful places in Europe to stay. It is also a nice coincidence that my visit coincided with the Internationally recognised ‘Thank a Greenkeeper Day’, as the team here have done an outstanding job with the course.”

Words that certainly pleased César Burguière, director of the Antognolla Golf Club, and the staff, for a few years engaged in the relaunching of this magnificent facility.

A golf superstar that has contributed enormously to make this sport popular worldwide, the South African champion has also designed over 200 courses in the world. For this reason, his opinion means very much and pride us too at Italy4golf for we have selected these two facilities of excellence in two of our all-inclusive Experiences:

photo credits Antognolla Golf Club, Royal Golf La Bagnaia


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