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Golf and hotel: the excellence of Italian hospitality on Italy4golf

Would you like to enjoy the combination of Golf and hotel on an unforgettable golfing holiday? As from today, Hotel Ulivi, Hotel Tritone Terme, Hotel Villa Luisa, Agriturismo Il Cardo and Hotel Il Sogno di Giulietta e Romeo are part of the Italy4golf network! Five Italian hotel facilities of excellence located in corners of paradise and in a strategic position to play golf on nearby, fantastic golf courses.

When we first thought of the Italy4golf project, it soon became clear that it would not have been sufficient to promote only Italian golf clubs. In fact, although this Country has a wealth of splendid golf courses, these alone would not have been enough to win the challenge posed by other international courses.


We wondered what could have made a foreign golfer choose a golfing holiday in Italy rather than in any other European region with similar climatic characteristics. Well, the answer was immediately clear: Italy itself.


The whole world says that this is a magnificent country, rich in nature, culture, history, picture postcard landscapes, memorable food and wine, hospitable people as well as breath-taking panoramas from the Dolomites to the beaches in Sicily.


Those overseas often say we don’t know how to form networks, and unfortunately, they are right… This tendency is deeply rooted in the history of the Peninsula, and it is probably a direct consequence of the continuous clashes between people, cultures, conquerors as well as many other things that have taken place over the past millennia throughout the Italian territory.


Nowadays, everyone seeks aggregated services because this enables us to enjoy an all-round experience which is therefore much more complete and satisfying. This is actually what Italy4golf intends to do: help the enterprises that provide quality solutions to form networks, to collaborate, to gain strength from its own proposal made towards the tourist and the international golfer.


While, at the same time, help the international golfer by offering him/her the opportunity to easily plan an excellently organised golfing holiday using the same website for Golf and Hotel.

Being part of the Italy4golf network offers this as well as many other advantages: contact us now and discover how easy it is to become part of this network!

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