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GPNS Golf : a strategic partnership for Far East golfers.

Italy4golf has established an important collaboration with GPNS Golf to create unforgettable golf experiences, and not only, in Italy.

GPNS Golf is a company based in Thailand specialized in the organization of Exclusive Golf Experiences in the world.

Our two companies share the same philosophy:

  • Bringing golfers from the Far East and Australia to Italy to introduce them to the beauty of best Italian golf courses
  • We also share the same love for culture, good wine, Italian food because the golf vacation has to be much more than just golf, the real magic is off the faiways,

A partnership that further extends the knowledge of the Italy4golf brand and its Experiences to new golfers, with a range of activities, facilities and destinations designed around their desires.

We will be proud to introduce the beautiful Italian golf courses, our history, food and wines to new golfers friends.

We met in Italy Gary Pollard, Company Owner and soul of GPNS Golf who describes his experience :

  • 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a Professional Player, Sports Event Organizer, and Owner of High Performance Golf Academy.
  • IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF GOLF ACTIVITIES WORLDWIDE with numerous events and clients such as Presidents Cup, Johnny Walker Classic, Qantas, American Airlines, Pan Pacific hotel, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco.
  • A WORLWIDE GOLF NETWORK in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Based on his experience Gary Pollard appreciated our project and our holiday model and immediately agreed to become our benchmark for the Asian and Australian market.

In addition, GPNS organizes annually international senior tournaments called: GPNS GOLF’S INTERNATIONAL SENIOR SERIES.

Italy4golf and GPNS in 2024 are planning to organize their  first INTERNATIONAL AMATEURS TOURNAMENT in Italy.

During this event participants will have the opportunity to live an exclusive Golf Experience:

  • Tee off in the renowned golf course around Italy
  • Stay in Selected 4 or 5 stars hotels/resorts
  • Experience the local activities, wines & cuisines
  • Tailor-made itineraries for golfers and non golfers

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