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Leos Kopecky

Leoš Kopecký

I have been writing about golf, people and countries for almost 20 years, and I want to keep sharing with others the things that I believe to be interesting and beautiful. I often find myself thinking: what would other people miss out on if they can’t read my articles? My desire to convey a good message has stayed unchanged, and this is why I have decided to join the project Ambassadors by Italy4golf.

I love my country, which is attractive and diverse, and we welcome golfers from anywhere. For this reason, a few years ago we created a small travel agency, named ArtCom3000, to help Italian golfers who are interested in a vacation in the Czech republic. We are also not just a travel agency: we strive to inspire, enrich, create. This is our job.

From now on, thanks to our partnership with Italy4golf, Czech golfers will be able to know everything about Italy, its golf and its many beauties and attractions. We will share the messages from our friends in Italy4golf through our social networks and by creating contents to send to our interested members. It is going to be stimulating and new.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I have decided to become an Ambassadors for Italy4golf because I believe in its experience-based approach to tourism for golfers. I personally believe than also in my country we should encourage the offer of such vacations, and this is exactly what I will try and do thanks to this collaboration.

Tourist services specifically aimed at golfers are still a relatively underdeveloped market in the Czech republic. Despite this, we have a relatively high number of golfers, of which many are certainly interested to know the quality of the services offered by Italy4golf and to discover the many unforgettable experiences that a vacation in Italy can offer.


ArtCom 3000

Our true passion. We operate as a golf travel agency, we offer golf tuition, we write about golf, produce articles and photos for golf media, we provide information and advisory service… and if there is some time left then we play golf. We run these websites: KurzGolfu – how to get started with golf, GolfCesty – about golf and travel, – our guide for foreign golfers coming to the Czech Republic. We cooperate with Go Golf Media


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