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Patrizia Marazzi

Alessandra Dinato

I have always worked with wine since I attended the hospitality school where I discovered the extraordinary power of the olfactive sense. I graduated as Sommelier within the Italian Sommelier Association when I was 21 and I practiced the profession in Michelin-Starred restaurant in Italy and in London where I achieved the WSET Level 4 Diploma.

Today I am an export consultant and wine lecturer for Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence and Cattolica University of Brescia. I organize wine event and wine masterclasses and I express my creative nature through my YouTube Channel “L’Assaggiastorie” where I tell the stories of the wine producers in short video-documentaries.

I am a judge for oenological competition and, since 2022, Ambassador for the Heroic Viticulture for CERVIM, a type of viticulture that I am very fond of.

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

Italy for golf is an open door to the visitors of my region: Veneto.
Here the production of wine is rooted with the traditions of the people, who never give up to a glass of wine as a proper reward after a day of hard work (locally called ombra). The intricated connection is visible into the many wine-area that exists here, and by the fact that it is the N.1 wine-producing region in Italy (the same volumes as Australia).
Prosecco wine in particular is the leader: the beauties of its steep territories are still untold but they may deserve some fabulous surprises! Being an Italy4golf Ambassador is a true opportunity for me to introduce the visitors of my region into the places and experiences who will make their staying authentically connected with the local life.

Spiriti Liberi

L’ Assaggiastorie

In this project I express my creativity by telling the story of the winemakers, of their territory, work but above all personality through the wine-video-documentaries in my YouTube channel L’Assaggiastorie

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patrizia marazzi - wine tasting - italian ambassador italy4golf
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