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Sonia Seco Montano

Fabio Ceccarelli

Born and raised in Tuscany, I’ve always been into food and wine and decided to become a sommelier. In a few years, I transformed my passion into a job.

I have several professional partnerships. I work with a part-time contract to promote Italian wines at the Airport of Florence’s main shop. I use to hold lessons about wine and wine pairing to Italian students in Tuscany. I teach “Wines of Italy” to foreign students at an International Institute in Florence. I also cooperate with tour operators to create wine tours in Tuscany.

I am a contributor to Sommelier Toscana magazine and I am a regional editor of the annual wine book VITAE (published by the Italian Sommelier Association). I use to taste professionally 1000 wines per year.

I also obtained the Level 3 Award in Wines of the WSET and the suitability award to become an extra-virgin olive oil taster.

In 2023 I won the “3rd Master of Chianti Classico” and the award given by producers as “Best communicator of Chianti Classico”.
In 2022 I finished third in the competition “Best Sommelier of Tuscany”

Why an Italy4golf Ambassador

I consider myself lucky to have been born in a region like Tuscany, that is so fascinating for food and wine (as well as history and arts).

Being an ambassador for Italy4golf gives me the opportunity to tell many people about great wines of Tuscany and Italy as well as regional specialities, which I am proud of. Wine and food are made for sharing.

Sonia Seco Montano

Fine Wine Italy

As a freelance sommelier, I organize private tastings and wine educational. I can accompany you on tour in the main wine areas of Tuscany and beyond. I can be your personal wine shopper, helping you find exclusive wines, boutique wineries or bargains based on your taste and your personal requirements.

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