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Extraordinary tour between lakes and vineyards

I’m walking on the shore, cuddled by a gentle and refreshing breeze. Today my golf round was lucky, eighteen holes surrounded by vineyards and beauty. Actually I’m halfway my golf trip, and I can admit that I could not make a better choice booking this holiday so full of emotions.

I could describe every minute of my trip, but it will be enough remembering these shores to recall Garda and Iseo lakes, natural paradise that host some of the more fascinating Italian golf courses, celebrated and commemorated in the clubhouses of everywhere.

In these lands, skillfully modeled by expert hands and key player of the best enogastronomic traditions, well-renowned architects realized unique golf courses, using with respect every visual glimpse, every slope that created game challenge, every resource that nature gave to sport.

Around the greens, the always auspicious weather, linked to surrounding vegetation and mountain landscape, create a unique and incomparable location, where the guests can enjoy relax, sport, fun and emotions equally. In few words, here there is all the “Italian experience”.

What I bring with me from these first days?

Well, above the wonderful game on the course, the advices from Italy4Golf experts turned out to be authentic sensorial experiences, enriched with guided visits in lake places, with tastings from sommelier and olive oil experts and local food specialities, everything cultivated, harvested and produced here.

My advisor told me: “You will experience the history of those lands, portraited in foods and wines of extreme freshness and elegance.”

You should too listen to the voices of Garda and Iseo lakes. Here there is the plan of my golf trip, organized by Italy4Golf!

Chervò Golf Club San Vigilio

27 holes championship golf divided in three courses: Benaco par 36, Solferino par 36 and San Martino par 35. On the first two was hold the 77° Italia Open, in 2020.

For the lovers of pure technique, there are 9 additional executive holes – each one par 3 – that allow pro and amateur to try short game and improve approach and putting, as well as helping the start of beginners.

At San Vigilio you can play on different courses everytime, thanks to the generous dimensions of the area, that permit to vary at will the consistency of the roughs, and thanks to the presence of many water obstacles, with abundance of big bunkers either on sides of the greens that in insidious places along the fairways.

Gardagolf Country Club

Hard not to know, at least for fame, since it hosted three editions of the Italia Open (1997, 2003, 2018). With its three courses, surrounded by a unique ecosystem, for the experts Gardagolf is one of the best golf clubs built in the last decades. Gently dropped on an area of more than 110 hectares, it is signed by the british Cotton, Pennick, Steel & Partners, excellent in creating 27 demanding holes without modify the existing geological structure and taking advantage of every glimpse of an amazing panorama.

The result? A challenging but not impossible course, able to entertain players of every skill level.

Franciacorta Golf Club

With this leg, Italy4Golf move the golf tourist close to Iseo Lake. In a valley rich in water and vegetation, the architects of Franciacorta Golf Club – Pete Dye and Marco Croze – gave life to a true sport oasis through woods and vineyards.

This golf commits the player to slopes shaded by centuries-old plants in a park rich in lakes and panoramic views. Alongside the first eighteen holes, named Brut and Saten in honor of the local wine productions, later had been introduced the nine Rosè, an addition for the golfer who is never tired.

Over the years, Franciacorta Golf Club hosted many national and international competitions.

L’Albereta – Relais & Chateaux

Near the romantic Iseo Lake

Here you can spend the first days of the tour. Italy4Golf chose this location for his prestige and his strategic position in the center of Lombardy.

L’Albereta is the ideal starting point for customized itineraries, destined to reach with brief trips the main art cities of the territory, especially Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.

A splendid relais in Franciacorta

L’Albereta is a pearl nestled between sweet slopes and never-ending vineyards in Franciacorta, which everyone knows as the birthplace of taste and hospitality. In this relais, the guest enjoys an unforgettable experience and experiment an explosion of scents and taste from the numerous restaurants.

Founded as a haven dedicated to the art of living and to the pleasure of the conviviality, L’Albereta offers some of the best restaurants in Brescia‘s district and it is a real temple of the good taste, enriched with the last restaurant Leonfelice Vistalago, whose terrace is pointed towards Iseo Lake.

Villa Cortine Palace Hotel

A daydream

From a lake to another, the golfer looks out towards new views and he stay in a vintage residence, refined and elegant, distant and romantic, that let him admire Garda Lake from above a hill.

Originally a nineteenth-century villa, Villa Cortine Palace is today a modern hotel with charming spaces, that can offer high quality services and old-style attentions, where pamper yourself absorbed in the centennial park and in a timeless beauty.

Careful, refined and original gourmet restaurant

At Villa Cortine the skill in the kitchen is shown through recipes devoted to Mediterranean tastes and to exclusive products of the gardesian territory, that convert tradition in pure emotions.

Guests who choose to stay here and take advantage of a careful, refined and original gourmet food service, as the one in Villa Cortine, will remain enraptured and gladfully seat until they’d tried the last course.

Brescia and its history

Brescia certainly deserves a visit, to rest the body after the exercise, but not the mind eager for knowledge. Named Brixia in the ancient times and founded over 3200 years ago, the city is an important regional centre since pre-romans times. Its historical centre hosts some of the most preserved public buildings of the northern Italy and many monuments, such as the medieval castle, the old and new cathedral, the rinascimental Piazza della Loggia and the rationalist Piazza della Vittoria.

The archeological monumental area of the roman forum and the monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia became UNESCO world heritage.

Enogastronomic itinerary

The enogastronomic portion of the trip starts in Bardolino, on the eastern hills of Garda Lake, with tastings of local wines and EVO oil. The visit takes place in one of the most renowned wine cellars, operating for years in the hospitality of wine enthusiastic from all over the world.

Then, art and culture ask a stop in Verona, accompanied in tour by a local guide, deep expert of the millennial city history.

About the wine glass, Verona is the italian representative in the selected group of Great Wine Capitals. Not for nothing, it has hosted for over half a century Vinitaly, a worldly renown event, and give citizenship to some of the most excellent type of wine of the world.

To confirm this aspect, once the golfer leaves the city of Romeo and Juliet, the local sommelier appointed by Italy4Golf will take him in Valpolicella, birthplace of wines known all over the world. Here, during the visit to a wine cellar selected for the tour, the guests will bow down their sense of smell and taste to His Majesty the Amarone. Once made the introductions in king’s court, it will be time to play with the sensations that wine reaveals according to cru, blend and vintage.

And start again, the day after, reassured in mind and body, throwing balls on the greens of gardesian golf courses!

In this Experience

  • 4 nights in double room + breakfast at L’Albereta (5 stars relais)
  • 4 night in double room + breakfast at Villa Cortine Palace Hotel (5 stars)
  • 3 dinners in local restaurants
  • 4 dinners in hotel restaurants
  • Tour in Verona and in Valpolicella wine cellars (Amarone wine area) with tasting and dinner
  • Historical tour in Brescia with brunch
  • Tour of Franciacorta wine cellars and cruise on Iseo Lake
  • 1×18-hole green fee at Chervò Golf Club S.Vigilio
  • 2×18-hole green fee at Garda Golf Country Club
  • 1×18-hole green fee at Franciacorta Golf Club

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Bardolino, Chervò Golf Hotel & SPA Resort San Vigilio, Franciacorta Golf Club, Lake Garda, Marco Croze, Pete Dye, Veneto


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