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Golf: Italy in pole position for European destinations

Is it due to the advent of the Ryder Cup in Rome, because Molinari won the British Open or perhaps because something is finally happening in the world of Italian golf?

It is certainly a fact that Italy is becoming increasingly recognised by European tourists as the ideal destination for a golfing holiday. Not only thanks to the sector-related reviews published a few months ago, but also due to the figures on Italian golf courses that record positive incoming and domestic trends.

Of course, there are many reasons why Italy attracts the foreign tourist, reasons that, considered individually, can also be found elsewhere, but not altogether and not all at such a high level as in Italy and this could be the trump card to be played to achieve a great new Italian golf season.

Here are the 8 reasons:



Many golf courses, some of which are exceptional

Roveri in Turin, Villa d’Este, Tolcinasco and Garda Golf in Lombardy, Ugolino, Poggio dei Medici and Castelfalfi in Tuscany, Acaya, San Domenico in Apulia, Verdura and Donnafugata in Sicily, are only the most famous golf courses. Then there are those located in the Rome area, all of which are extremely beautiful as well as another 250 Italian golf courses!

There is such a wealth of golf courses that it could be possible to play golf every day on a different course only a few kilometres apart and to discover a whole variety of landscapes and cultures.


The mild Mediterranean climate

It is not only the Mediterranean that makes it possible to play golf all year round on almost all the Italian courses, but also the possibility to modulate the climatic aspect by travelling up and down the Italian peninsular, by visiting the courses in the north of Italy in summer then passing onto those in the south in winter, always being certain to find mild temperatures and splendid sunny days!


Top-quality services

All Italian golfing facilities can offer top-quality services provided by qualified, competent personnel. This makes it possible not only for the golfer to play on courses that are in excellent conditions, but also to make the most out of his/her tour: the right solution for all needs, thanks to 5-star superior resorts as well as more discreet facilities that are just as appealing, where you can drink a glass of good wine or stay for a golfing weekend.


Road to Rome

The Rider Cup tournament has surely put the spotlight on Italy, however, perhaps Italy is not yet completely ready to make the most out of this unmissable opportunity. The actual fact that golf is being played in Italy is a message being sent: something is happening in Italy within this sector, also with regards to the management of many golfing facilities. Molinari is the tip of the iceberg of the generation of young blood with talent and determination. All these elements contribute towards increasing the attractiveness of Italy.


(or rather, reasons that appeal also to those who accompany golfers …)


First-rate food and wine

Italian food and wine is just as universally renowned as it is locally diversified. Each province has its own typical and local culinary specialities, in terms of both recipes and ingredients: ranging between mountain pasture cheeses to fish from Sicily, from the Florentine T-bone steak to pasta Cacio & Pepe (cheese & pepper) in Rome. Not to mention wines: Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Brunello, Barolo, Franciacorta, Chianti, Müller-Thurgau, Prosecco, Falanghina, …


Astounding culture

In this case too, there is very little to add or perhaps too much could be said. Italy, in pole position in the UNESCO world heritage ranking with 54 sites (2018), boasts not only a millenary culture, but also many, great different cultural seasons that have succeeded one another over the past 30 centuries. Therefore, this is why there are so many works of art, museums, churches, temples, arenas, buildings, characteristic villages and matchless works of architectural engineering created over time by cultures which were extremely different from each another.


Sport for all tastes

In Italy, with over 7.500 km of coastline (without considering the many lakes), the sea and water sports are always close at hand, yet there is also a wealth of mountain sports to be enjoyed, with the highest peaks in Europe and the entire Apennine ridge at your disposal. Italy, thanks to its favourable climate, offers fantastic locations where you can practice any kind of sports activities, from skiing to fishing, from sailing to cycling, right up to all sorts of extreme sports.


Excellent public transport

There are many airports, many of which provide low-cost routes, railways with high-speed trains, especially in the centre-north of Italy and along the main mountain ridges alongside an excellent, capillary motorway network which enable the tourist to easily reach and travel far and wide throughout the Country.

So, what are you waiting for?
Choose the Italian golf courses that inspire you and start organising your unforgettable golfing holiday in Italy!

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