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Golf & Residence: why not?

Have you ever thought about a golf holiday in a Residence? An alternative choice to the classic hotel that allows you more freedom and mostly the same services, but it doesn’t end here!

Choosing to stay in a residence certainly means having more autonomy and freedom to do what you want on your golf holiday. But the advantages of a golf holiday in a residence selected by Italy4golf are actually many more, let’s see some right away.


For those who want to travel with family or a group of friends, such as other families to share a golf break full of fun with, the solutions with Italy4golf residences offer comfort and privacy thanks to large spaces and new apartments always adjacent one to the other so that everyone stays close. This means more freedom, but also greater relaxation and privacy for all guests, as well as allowing you to accommodate additional people without too many bureaucratic procedures or technical problems.


Having a kitchen at your disposal is undoubtedly another great plus of a golf holiday in a residence. A kitchen in the apartment allows you to cook dinner or just a snack when it is convenient for you (and we know how the schedules of a day of golf may be uncertain…). Or you can simply eat a pizza at home together, regardless of the hotel room service rates or the times of its kitchen, or even have to change your clothes to go out when the only thing you want to do is relax on the couch in front of a nice movie while eating your pizza.


More space available in your accommodation also means to experience a golf holiday differently. The residences of the I4G Experiences are selected starting from the quality of the apartments that must be brand new, large, bright, very versatile and welcoming, but also based on the services offered and the common areas available to the guests: SPA, swimming pools, gardens, green areas, restaurants and solarium, which you can use to spend time together or for moments of private relaxation.

Choosing to stay in a residence for your golf holiday is not a fallback solution to hotels: it is an option for an audience in search of more freedom and relaxation; for golfers who like to travel with their family or with other golfing friends, to make their break an enjoyable experience even outside the golf course.

Italy4golf is selecting residences of the highest level in terms of quality, services provided, location and beauty of the facility, in the areas involved by the I4G Experience.

In the area of Lake Garda, Lombardy, we have already picked these two following structures:

These beautiful residences with breathtaking views of Lake Garda can now be chosen as a formula for the accommodation of the I4G Experiences, also the ones that have been already set up.

Shortly, will also be launched tailored experiences for golfers who want to fully embrace the philosophy of a golf break with a residence

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