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Honour-Golf praises Italy4golf

Honour-Golf, the Finnish magazine of the GCAF (Golf Course Association Finland) read by golf courses owners, golf lovers and actors in the Finnish golf industry, has shown great interest in the Italy4golf project because one of its surveys about Finnish golf business has revealed the existence of many ideas in common with the intents and motivations of the Project.

For this reason, following a contact request by Honour-Golf‘s Chief Executive Officer Jukka Rimpiläinen and a brief interview to our I4G international relationships manager Alberto Genovesi, the prestigious magazine decided to dedicate Italy4golf an article in its last issue.

As reported in the article (unfortunately, available only in Finnish) the survey carried out by the GCAF asked questions such as “How is tourism, especially golf-related tourism, changing over time?”, “What do golf travellers expect and what are they looking for? How do travel agencies and golf destinations respond to these demands?“. They found out that “travel personalisation” is of growing importance and that Italy is a really popular destination, though not for reasons related to golf.

The possibility to combine the desire to visit Italy and to play golf on Italian courses is given hope by Italy’s data on tourism (420 million tourists in 2017) and the birth of new projects and opportunities related to Italian golf.

Among these opportunities certainly is the 2022 Ryder Cup in Rome, which besides attracting people is also promoting the creation of interesting initiatives aimed at the promotion of golf in Italy. Among the projects, the article of Honour-Golf praises Italy4golf for being able to offer a service to different categories of golfer-tourists and for its goal of creating a network to connect golf courses and tourism organisations with the aim of giving the golfers a more complete, accessible and rewarding experience.

Lastly, the author notices that while Italy is certainly renowned as a holiday destination, it does not enjoy the same status as a golf destination, and that the competition with Spain, Portugal, Turkey and France should not be overlooked. After all Italy4golf’s approach is original and can count on Italy’s charm (food, culture, history, nature, the variety of it’s courses etc..), that’s why the author believes Italy4golf has great potential.

So we are on the right track! Let’s keep up the good work!

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