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Italy4golf journeys into the incredible Italian food and wine culture

Living an Italy4golf Experience means also having a real journey into the incredible Italian food and wine culture. Because, as is well known, food in Italy is a true religion, and every trip to Italy, in our opinion, should not disregard the countless goodness that “Bel Paese” can give.

It is not just a matter of eating tasty and healthy, it is not just a matter of “Mediterranean diet“: Italian cuisine is the result of enormous biodiversity that has no equal in the world, of extremely local traditional knowledge handed down from generation to generation, but also of extreme care, conviviality, protection of the landscape and much more. All this turns into a galaxy of food and wine excellences that we cannot fail to bring to the attention of our guests!

That’s why in every Italy4golf Experience we have given space to a food and wine trail that is closely connected to the places where the golf holiday takes place. Each region, moreover, each Italian municipality presents its own culinary art, necessarily and strongly linked to what are the local products available, to the gastronomic flair of the native population and its customs.

In the creation of our golf holidays, we have thus given great importance to food and wine going to select meticulously, thanks to our ambassadors on the territory, excellent gourmet restaurants able to offer products, recipes and service up to the essential premium quality in our offer of superior golf tourism.

These are operators who make the local agri-food heritage pride and a real mission. Restaurateurs who scrupulously observe the seasonality of the products, which use only fresh and local raw materials (at zero kilometres or even produced internally) as well as selected ingredients to maximize the taste of unforgettable preparations. The result is local and gourmet dishes, a genuine and refined cuisine that in addition to being a delight for the palate is an exceptionally healthy diet, able to benefit body and mind.

Each Italy4golf Experience is therefore necessarily also a gastronomic experience. It is an itinerary made of scents and flavours that literally feed the curiosity of our guests, in the awareness that good food makes them feel good, makes them live better and, ultimately, is also desirable for the territory and the planet. Because the respect for the rhythms of nature, the predilection for organic farming and the collaboration with local operators are all important aspects for cultural and social values as well as for exceptional organoleptic adventures.

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