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Mirad’Or: a floating museum on Lake Iseo

Recently launched on Lake Iseo, the spectacular theatre of many Italy4golf Experiences, Mirad’Or is a “belvedere-gallery” dedicated to exhibition works by international artists. Lake Iseo thus confirms its “artistic vocation”, already shown to the world five years ago with the imposing and acclaimed work Floating Piers by Christo, now opening the first floating exhibition space in Italy, a work of relational art accessible from land and water and visible day and night.

We have already had the opportunity to tell how unique Lake Iseo is, a precious stone set between the Prealps and Franciacorta, one of the Italian territories richest in opportunities, and that is why we have dedicated to Lake Iseo and Franciacorta several of our golf breaks: logistically perfect and with an excellent climate, with the historic and exciting Franciacorta Golf Club, its great variety of beautiful landscapes, so much history and culture to discover among a thousand beautiful villages, an exquisite culinary tradition, and then, the famous Franciacorta sparkling wine

The ideal destination for a holiday of golf that offers the opportunity for extra exciting and memorable activities, including, since last month, Mirad’Or, this small pavilion-palafitte designed by Mauro Piantelli in Pisogne for the exhibition of site-specific works. A viewpoint that is itself a work of architectural art, designed to foster the relationship between the poignant views of the Lake and the works of contemporary art of internationally renowned artists.

Under the direction of the well-known Brescian gallerist Massimo Minini, the French painter and sculptor Daniel Buren, Leone d’Oro in Venice in 1986, was chosen for the inauguration of the exhibition space. The artist has created for the occasion four works able to magnify the magical atmosphere of the Lake: four large strips of fabric whose colours are enhanced by the light of day, while at night it is the optic fibre texture of the fabric itself that makes them shine thanks to the light of the moon, making them visible even from the opposite bank.

A perfect work of art to launch the Mirad’Or and to celebrate the beauty of the Lake that offers an excellent signal of continuity in the path of visibility undertaken: the splendour and harmony of its landscapes are now brought to the attention of the international public, but with quality projects whose effects also act at a local level because they relate to the existing generating new meanings, new opportunities and new value.

images © Michele Nastasi

Christo, Daniel Buren, Franciacorta Golf Club, Iseo Lake, land art, Massimo Minini, Pisogne, public art


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