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Verona and its wines: from Bardolino to Valpolicella

Let’s go back to talking about excellent wine, in this case, Bardolino and Valpolicella, with an Italy4golf extra activity of great interest for lovers of the alcoholic drink par excellence and good food.

With the introduction of the Veneto Region among the destinations of the Italy4golf Experiences, the golf breaks designed for international tourists to discover the beauty and goodness of Italy, a series of new opportunities have arisen also in terms of excellent wine and food tourism.

Occasions born from the meeting and collaboration with Patrizia Marazzi, Wine Expert and operator of the Wine Tourism sector, who recently joined the Italy4golf Italian ambassador team.

We thus anticipate this very interesting wine tourism proposal linked to Verona, among the extra activities of an unforgettable golfing experience between Lombardy and Veneto that we will present in the coming days.


Verona is certainly the most representative Italian wine city. Partly because for over 50 years it hosts the international fair of Italian wines, the Vinitaly, and especially to be the Italian representative at Great Wine Capitals, the event that brings together the most representative capitals in the world of wine.

That’s why, for those who love wine, Verona is a must-see, and that’s the reason we have included it among the activities for our guests.


The excursion starts in the town of Bardolino, on the hills east of Lake Garda, with the tasting of local wines and EVO oil. The visit will take place in one of the most famous wineries and active for years in the hospitality of wine lovers from all over the world.

In the afternoon we will visit the city of Verona on a classic tour, accompanied by a local guide expert in history. Late in the afternoon, we move to one of the most beloved wine areas in the world. We visit a winery in the Valpolicella DOC, and we pair our dinner with the local wines. Because the best way to enjoy Italian wines is by pairing them with local food, and we want our guests to enjoy cuisine and wine the way we do.


Valpolicella region does not need presentation. Its wines are known worldwide. And Amarone della Valpolicella plays the role of the king in the wide range of Italian wines.

Our local sommelier will take you to visit a selected winery and explore the sensations that the wines reveal according to the cru, the blend, and the vintage. Each wine is paired with locally produced appetizers to enhance flavor notes and delight your palate.

Thanks to the guided tastings, you will explore the varied flavors of different wines and be impressed by wines’ peculiarities and styles, even within a limited distance. Italy offers very different landscapes, climates, and wines in a single region. You might be surprised by the incredible variety you can enjoy.


For centuries wine has been the unique beverage in south Europe, besides water. Pairing food and wine is essential for eno-gastronomy in Italy. Veneto region displays different territories: mountains, sea, lakes, many rivers. Any kind of food is to find there.

Also, seasons play a huge role in the food you may find on your plates. And the wines you can pair to those plates are another unmissable offer! Still, white wines, slightly aromatic bubbles, important red wines find their best pairings with pasta, vegetables, fish, and meat. Not to forget the peculiar dessert wines such as Recioto della Valpolicella which is supposed to be the ancestor of Amarone, when dry wines were not in vogue.


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