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Where the golf business is heading

Until recently, golf was considered a discipline, you could either like it or hate it, but basically this is what it remained. Today, things are changing: golf is regarded a sport, just like all other sports, in which operators can no longer shirk analysing the performance. In short, one can no longer speak of golf without speaking of the “golf business”.

Many operators in this sector are reflecting on the changes affecting the discipline, its rules, its practice, related business aspects, the needs linked to our contemporary lifestyle as well as those associated with our idea of entertainment/enjoyment and how all of this influences golf, both on a macro level as to the discipline itself, and on a micro level, with regards to the individual clubs.

Recently Michael Braidwood – the General Manager of the Education City Golf Club in Qatar, has written an extremely interesting article on Golfbusinessmonitor, that keeps its finger on the pulse of the sector, providing substantial input for those who play golf, for those who are intrigued by it and, above all, for sector-related operators who deal with the golf business on a day-to-day basis.

From the advent of statistics, with its criticalities and trends, right up to the solutions provided in order to incentivise female participation or those aimed at entertaining TV-viewing audiences.

Golf is changing: by missing out on these opportunities, just standing there and doing nothing will soon cause a rapid and inexorable loss of appeal among future generations and, will consequently lead to the failure of the sport.

Direct link to Braidwood’s article.

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