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Women’s golf: a more challenging approach is needed

June is the month of women’s golf and, given the pandemic that is still ongoing, this year the event wanted by PGA of America, LPGA and NGCOA is enjoying excellent success.

The same happened with the Women’s Golf Day, the event created by Elisa Gaudet in 2015 that is celebrated every June 1 and that this year involved over 1,000 golf clubs in the world.

In fact, the data of the surveys carried out by the PGA of America show that women in the golf world are constantly growing. Nevertheless, the number of real players increases much less quickly and mostly thanks to the entry of new generations.

Yet the investigations carried out by the American Federation show that there is great interest among adult women and that here there are the best opportunities for growth thanks to a large pool of potential players. And precisely for this, events like the WGD, or the Italian “Golf è DONNA”, are important for the development of women’s golf in adulthood.


On the other hand, however, it is the research conducted by the American Federation that shows that to attract women to golf it is necessary to offer a more meaningful experience than the simple “free trial”.

The motivation seems to be sought in a proposal not up to the needs and desires of women golfers: too few golf facilities that offer services and attention to women (and families) and even less the proposals of golf tourism dedicated to women golfers.

Italy4golf has always considered the female audience very interesting, so the selection of golf facilities and hospitality proposals takes into serious consideration the wishes and needs of women golfers. Moreover, since the beginning, we have worked to create golf tourism solutions specifically designed and dedicated to the female public.

According to research conducted in collaboration with our international network of ambassadors wellness, art, culture, wine and shopping the most significant drivers to arouse the interest of women golfers.

For this reason, we have included many exciting extra activities dedicated to these themes in our Golfing Experiences in Italy and created and intend to create proposals for golfing tourism specifically designed for women golfers!

An example? Take a look at our proposal Tuscany 4 Ladies: an all-inclusive week to discover the Florentine specialities among artisan studio visiting, personal luxury shopping, cooking class and golf clinic!


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