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Another idea of wellness


When you think about a wellness treatment, what do you imagine? Hot water, steam, stones, relaxation, landscapes, etc. Natural things.

Me, too. Except that when I think about the well-being of my guests, I replace wine for water and offer them a completely different wellness path, made up of discovery, sharing, enjoyment of small moments of good things, and stunning moments in contemplation of beautiful things. My itinerary is natural, too. The men and women of this place have been doing it for centuries.

It is an engaging experience, just like the wine that accompanies us through the countryside and lake landscapes on one side and the city towards the exploration of centuries of “know-how” and “making known” to as many people as possible so that they can enjoy it with us.

Let’s start in the late morning with a tasting in the Bardolino DOC area, the eastern area of Lake Garda. A cellar offers us a tasting of natural wines. Many young producers choose to go back to their origins, limiting the use of additives in winemaking to the advantage of ancient practices. The flavours are original, sometimes unknown, and open a world of questions and curiosities.

Our afternoon proceeds with a guided tour by a professional tour guide in one of the most important cities in Italy and Europe: centuries of history, a crossroads of exchanges of people, goods, ideas, and wine. Pages of literature for theatre lovers and music for the ears of opera fans from all over the world. If you haven’t guessed yet, you can’t miss the surprise of discovering it with us.

At the end of the visit, you may feel a little tired after so many emotions and beautiful things concentrated in a small space and a short time. But we like to overdo it, and we want our guests to be even happier with the moment of the experience the next day. Then we will take you to dinner, but a nice and good restaurant would not be enough.  So we visit a historical residence, which has hosted within its walls, famous people. And you will learn to know about them.

In these spaces, together with the dinner, we will taste the best bottles of Valpolicella doc with the combinations chosen by the chefs so that the preparations and matching wines enhance each other.

We could go on. But we know that for you to enjoy this experience, we must take it slow. The act of tasting requires time and contemplation. And we want to say goodbye to you with the desire to return to experience with us.

Is your mouth already watering?

Patrizia Marazzi
Italy4golf Italian Ambassador

Join Patrizia in this unmissable activity to discover exceptional wines, ancient traditions and local culture! Find it in these fantastic Italy4golf Experiences:

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