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See Venice and… play Golf!

The magic splendour of Venice in a new Italy4golf adventure!

An amazing golf holiday in which it will be impossible to get bored: 3 fantastic and historic courses on which have played champions of all ages, a 5-star resort whose class and beauty are reached only by the quality of its services, unforgettable food and wine guided tours in the regions of Valpolicella and Prosecco, guided tours in the historic centres of Venice and Verona and, the cherry on top, a spectacular tour of the lagoon on board of historic boats!

wide-ranging golf break, designed to alternate exciting days on challenging golf courses with walks through architectural beauty and legendary landscapes.
An adventure between 
Gothic and Renaissance, between the sea of the lagoon and the charming hills cultivated with vineyards, a journey full of unforgettable emotions accompanied by the unsurpassed food and wine traditions of Veneto.

Italy is definitely the ultimate Golf Destination.


  • 9 nights in a double room + breakfast in 5* Hotel

  • 1 Day Venice Lagoon Cruise

  • 1 Day Visit in Verona with private guide & winery visit with tastings and dinner in Valpolicella area

  • 1 Day Visit in wineries with tastings in Prosecco area

  • 1 Day Visit in Venice with a private guide

  • 2 x 18-hole green fee at Cà della Nave Golf Club

  • 1 x 18-hole green fee at Villa Condulmer Golf Club

  • 1 x 18-hole green fee at Golf Club Venezia


  • In 1960, Golf Club Villa Condulmer was born around an 18th-century noble villa, with the first nine holes designed by the architect John Harris. Constantly expanded and improved, the course gained nine more holes designed by architect Marco Croze.

    The result is a course that requires driving long but being precise at the same time.

    Golf Club Villa Condulmer has been the set of the history of golf in the Veneto region, many golfers who have made this sport great played here. Following its never-ending renewing philosophy, the Club today has completely renovated the Championship Course with Bermuda Grass.

  • The Circolo Golf Venezia was built in 1928 under the lead of Scottish architect Cruikshank of Maxwell M. Hart of Glasgow and enlarged to 18 holes in 1951 by architect C.K. Cotton’s. It surely is the first golf course in the region and, thanks to its charm and technicality, also one of the best in Italy and appreciated by international champions.

    The golf course of Venice set on a spectacular strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and the Lagoon of Venice sharing several links features with the bora and sirocco winds that often impact the course, increasing the challenge and requiring game control to hit its well-protected greens.

  • The first of the three golf courses designed in Italy in the late 80s by the famous US Golf Champion Arnold Palmer, inspired by the nearby Venice spreading the 27 holes of water obstacles. Palmer created a top-level competition course, both in the technical and aesthetic result, giving birth to an 18-hole “champion” par 72 of 6350 meters and an “executive” of 9 holes.

    The peculiarity of the course is given by the abundance of water obstacles created with artificial lakes that affect as many as 12 of the 18 holes, the consistent presence of large bunkers American, from the technical aspects and the pleasantness of the surrounding landscape that count it among the best competition fields made in Italy.


  • villa-condulmer
  • villa-condulmer
  • villa-condulmer
  • villa-condulmer
  • villa-condulmer

Hotel Villa Condulmer Golf Resort

Villa Condulmer, located in the Treviso countryside adjacent to Venice, is a Venetian Villa that dates back to the 15th-century and whose exact origin date remains uncertain. Authoritative sources assert that the Villa was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery whose vestiges refer to the barchessa orthogonal to the main house.

Today Villa Condulmer is a beautiful five-star hotel. An unforgettable place surrounded by a secular park that hides natural beauties and ancient ruins as memories of this historical residence. In addition to the undeniable charm of the venue, you will be deeply pleased by the outstanding service.


  • venice-lagoon-cruise-experience-italy4golf
  • venice-lagoon-cruise-experience-italy4golf
  • venice-lagoon-cruise-experience-italy4golf
  • Lagoon

Cruise the Lagoon

A day cruise to discover the Venice lagoon, its history and culture.

Onboard traditional Venetian boats driven by hybrid or full electric motors, you will be guided through the lagoon to discover its many and different islands, from the cultural sites to the magical and exclusive spots.

  • chianti
  • guided-tasting-winery-activity-italy4golf
  • guided-tasting-winery-activity-italy4golf
  • aida-opera-arena-verona-activity-italy4golf

Verona guided tour

Afterward, art and culture ask to stop in Verona, accompanied on tour by our guide with a deep knowledge of the millenary history of the city.

Regarding the glass, Verona is the Italian representative in the selected group of the Great Wine Capitals.
It is no coincidence that for over half a century it has hosted Vinitaly, an event of global significance, and gives citizenship to some of the best wine varieties in the world.
To confirm this aspect, once the golfer leaves the city of Romeo and Juliet, the local sommelier appointed by Italy4Golf will take you in Valpolicella,

  • garda-valpolicella-vigneti-verona
  • vino-valpolicella
  • valpolicella-garda
  • amarone-bottle

Valpolicella guided winery tour

Our sommelier will take you in Valpolicella, birthplace of wines known all over the world.

Here, during the visit to a wine cellar selected for the tour, the guests will bow down their sense of smell and taste to His Majesty the Amarone, one of the most famous and appreciated wines in the world.

Once made the introductions in king’s court, it will be time to play with the sensations that wine reaveals according to cru, blend and vintage.

The day will end with dinner at a renowned winery.

  • venice-tour-experience-italy4golf
  • canal-grande-venice
  • turisti europei e golf-Venezia
  • canali-venezia
  • venice-experience-italy4golf

Private Venice guided tour

Take the chance to really discover Venice with a private guided tour that will lead you through its ancient “Calli” in pursuit of the secret corners of this incredible and unique city, with the architectural magnificence of its palazzi and the stunning beauty of its views.

  • experience-prosecco-golf-break-italy
  • guided-tasting-winery-activity-italy4golf
  • territorio prosecco
  • valpolicella-garda
  • guided-tasting-winery-activity-italy4golf

Prosecco wine tour

Our sommelier will take you in Valdobbiadene, birthplace of the wine known all over the world : Il Prosecco

In this day you will discover the secrets and flavours of the true Prosecco DOCG with a professional sommelier and wine advisor.
Onboard a 
private car/van with a driver, we will take you to authentic high-quality wineries that produce the most famous white sparkling wine still the old way


Make your holiday even more unforgettable by choosing premium activities designed to make you experience 100% Italian lifestyle


  • Wellness for body and mind

  • Cultural events

  • Fashion Tours

  • Rumble of motors

  • Scents and tastes

  • Play with the Pro

  • Listen, taste, remember

  • Breathing history

  • Cooking Classes

  • Helicopter Tours




In addition to this incredible experience, there are many others ready to enrich your holiday in Italy


Contact us, describe your preferences and we will design the right holiday for you.

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