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Olive oil. Another Italian treasure to discover

The intense green color, the unmistakable scent, the link with the territory: extra virgin olive oil finds in Italy its best expression.

For fans of experiential tourism, with particular reference to food and wine, as we know, Italy is an inexhaustible source of discoveries. And in olive oil, it is certainly not less!

Although it is not the nation that produces more, it is the one that produces better quality and more variety, with more than 500 different types, the continuous growth of “monocultivar” and several dozens of certifications and protected designations attributed by the European Union.

And these are not just labels that support the many and excellent organoleptic and beneficial properties of Italian green gold: they are the testimony of a production system that aims at excellence but also looks at tradition, differentiation, preservation of ancient knowledge and magical places that in Italy have written a history almost three thousand years long.

In Italy there are many producers of absolute importance and prestige, also because each Italian Region produces it of the finest quality, with the result that the extra virgin oil made in Italy is the most sought after and appreciated internationally.

Olive oil tourism today offers many opportunities: visits to oil mills to see the processing, to olive groves and centuries-old olive trees, historic homes, wine cellars and oil museums.

But also dinners among olive trees or educational activities such as watching the olive harvest, as well as many activities that revolve around the tasting, even in restaurants, where you can have various qualities combined with different typical and local dishes.

Discover olive oil with the Italy4golf Experiences

Tourism linked to olive oil, as has been said, is primarily a form of experiential tourism, and its characteristics fit perfectly in the proposal of premium activities of the Italy4golf Experiences.

The Italy4golf Experiences, in fact, promote international golfers golf holidays in Italy that are not only breaks of golf and relaxation but also provide a selection of the many experiential and emotional opportunities that the Bel Paese can offer.

And then also explore territories dedicated to ancient agriculture, where flavors are linked to traditions to create the charm of simplicity and discovery. Enchanted landscapes inextricably linked to olive oil, such as its stories and its people.

Tuscany, Lombardy and Middle Italy are three areas where olive oil has reached very high peaks of quality and international esteem. In these regions, it is also possible to taste very different extra virgin oils, even a few kilometres away, as a result of very different landscapes, as well as different products and culinary traditions: a fabulous and unforgettable journey through exceptional flavors, scents and views.

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