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Tourism: Italy first destination in 2021. Also for golf!

Travel + Leisure crowns Italy tourist destination of the year for 2021. The famous New York monthly magazine read by almost 5 million people around the world has placed the Bel Paese on the top step of the most interesting destinations for the next year. Good news also for golf tourism.

The reasons that led to this recognition are well explained in Maria Shollenbarger’s article: “A new Italian renaissance is waiting in the wings, and there’s no better time to start planning your next visit.” Not only, in fact, in the article are taken many of the Italian uniqueness, starting with the ancient historical sediments, passing through the endless natural, artistic and landscape beauty, up to the uses and customs of a people, the Italian one, so varied but moved, at every latitude, from a spirit of renewal, creativity, genius.

And it is precisely this Italian spirit that has made Italy so famous in the world and that, according to Travel + Leisure, will be the spark for a new Renaissance. Because if it’s true that Italy was the first nation on the old continent to suffer the pandemic from Covid19, It is also true that she was the only one to show that she had the spirit to react and the ability to find in her traditions and in her history the strength and the way to do it: homemade pasta for everyone, choirs from the balconies of each city, lots, lots of solidarity…


Italy is a nation that can not survive without tourism. Because it is not only a question of the great availability of “beautiful things to show”, but of a vocation matured over the centuries and that even today can guide us, precisely, towards an all-round rebirth, and that without which, the economic recovery of the country is certainly more difficult.

Travel + Leisure invites you to travel to Italy next year because: “That old cliché about hospitality being hard-coded into the Italian way of life is actually kind of true. And as a result, the Italian tourism ecosystem is vast. It comprises not just hotels and airports and cruise ships; it extends deep into the country’s socioeconomic fabric. The artisanal businesses that form the backbone of thoughtful travel experiences — boutique winemakers, olive farmers, innkeepers, craftspeople, boat captains, drivers, and, of course, guides — suffered profoundly this year. Some of the most venerated cultural institutions and sites in the world, ones that have shaped many of our lives (and rely enormously on tourism income), suffered, too.”

Turism in Italy 2021 from Italy 4golf on Vimeo.

And even the Italy of golf tourism can say its own in this sense: almost 300 golf courses with at least 18 holes well distributed throughout the Italian territory, from the Alps to the islands. Several historical fields, founded at the beginning of the ‘900 directly by the British, others of new generation, designed by famous international architects and rich in exclusive services. But, beyond the beauty, the quantity, the variety of these golf facilities the real added value is Italy itself with the many extra-golf activities with a high appeal for the incoming tourist.

These golf courses are not lost in nothing, they are not “golf cathedrals” in the desert: on the contrary, they are set among pleasant hills, warm lakes, renowned vineyards, endless olive groves, they look at the Mediterranean sea and breathe its smells. They are surrounded by cities of art and medieval villages; they are a short walk from the major urban centres of the country and their services, as well as are in close contact with the rural life, craft and art of a population and land that knows how to be loved.

cover photo credit: MILLES STUDIO/STOCKSY

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