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Ambassador Italiani Italy4golf

Welcome to Italy4golf Italian Ambassadors

Italy4golf Italian Ambassadors contribute to the creation of the Italy4golf tourist proposals. They are esteemed professionals who operate in their specific territory in search of hidden gems and exceptional extra activities to offer customized solutions to international golfers on holiday in Italy.

A few weeks ago, in an article on this same blog, we made official the birth of the Italy4golf Ambassadors Project by defining the reasons behind this particular “division” of the international network of collaborators and partners Italy4golf:

  • Promotion of Italy4golf Experiences and Philosophy
  • Support for the creation of Experience and the selection of Premium Activities

These are also the main activities of the Italy4golf Italian Ambassadors. Their task is in fact to become a spokesperson for the Italy4golf project and its idea of ​​experiential tourism in selected territorial realities to develop with these partnerships and collaborations.

At the same time, given their great expertise on specific issues, such as food and wine or culture, for example, the work of the Italian Ambassadors also becomes very important to develop tourist itineraries not only of absolute interest because unknown even to many Italians, but also and above all customized to the needs and requests of the foreign tourist.

The collaboration, in fact, between the Italy4golf International Ambassadors, excellent connoisseurs of the target audience and their desires, with the Italian Ambassadors, great experts of their subjects and their territories, constitutes the ideal substrate for setting up high profile proposals for experiential golf tourism in Italy, non-trivial and concretely attractive, precisely because they are created from demand.

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