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Northern Italy and Mille Miglia Tour

An unforgettable golf holiday in Northern Italy. Designed for a group of American tourists with a penchant for vintage cars (and for good wine!), This Experience concentrates in 10 days a large number of Italian activities and beauties to discover between Lombardy and Tuscany.

Make the same choice of Gary and Lucilla, Albert and Sandy, and their friends, all arriving from US!

This is the report of a group trip made according to the exclusive program “La dolce vita” by Italy4Golf. In pair, o with your friends, the only limit is the time, that you would desire it never shoud end. The organisation is all in our hands!

Some features depend on the season, so the trip can be managed “tailor made” as we want to encount all the requests of the most demanding travelers. Let’s talk about together!

‘La dolce vita’ in mind of Italy4golf:

The Experience in brief:

Our american friends have realised this enterprise, developed across three italian regions:

  • Lenght of the journey: 10 whole days, flights not included
  • Main towns visited: Milano, Brescia, Modena, Firenze, Siena
  • Golf played in : Gardagolf & Country Club , Royal Golf La BagnaiaUgolino Golf Club
  • Stay and rest: only 5* hotels/resorts
  • All-inclusive treatment: lunches and dinners in starred restaurants
    Transfer: only private coaches

Premium activities: Short Mille Miglia Race“Enzo Ferrari” Museum – wine tastings in five high end wineries in three wine districts: Franciacorta, Amarone, Chianti – Personal shopping in Milan and Florence – Private visit at “The last supper” the worldwide famous Leonardo’s painting – concert dedicated to Beethoven during the “Maggio musicale fiorentino”, primary musical event – private visit to a Siena neighborhood– boat trip on the Arno river in Florence – more special activities.

Read carefully this tale, imagine to be the next guest of Italy4Golf to explore Italy and her treasures and hidden gems.

There’s much amazing golf, but there’s much to visit too!


Landed at Malpensa intercontinental airport, first day was held to reach relax and the first high end hosting: the five star luxury hotel Villa Cortine in Sirmione. The little town has a millenary story, and lot of people everywhere know it as “The pearl of Lake Garda”.

(One possibility more provided by our program is to choose the Lefay Luxury resort&spa at Gargnano, built on hills that give the guest a magnificent view on the lake and to the mountains all around).

The first activity made in the day after is requested and dreamed by lovers of old cars everywhere: a visit at Mille Miglia – historic edition – in the box where participiants are registered before starting the race. A way to look at the motormonsters of ancient times, just some minutes before see them launch on the roads to Rome.

(bookable only during may/june, according with Mille Miglia scheduling).

The day continued with a cultural visit to the historic Brescia city center, where guests were able to see the two catholic Domes (only a few cases in the world), the roman Capitolino temple (Unesco heritage), the Santa Giulia museum and the majestic Castle on the Cidneo hill.

Third day was dedicated once more to motors. In fact the guests were involved in a short version of Mille Miglia race using some  italian sport cars of years ‘60s and ‘70s in a travel around Lake Garda driving on his beautiful shores. At the end of the “race” they turned the steerings in direction of Franciacorta’s wineries, where an exceptional wine tasting in Cantina Berlucchi, worldwide excellence, was held.

Before going back to Sirmione, to have rest in their gracious rooms, guests went to Bornato Franciacorta, enjoying a top 2 star Michelin dinner in Restaurant Due Colombe, one of the most renowed places in Lombardy food tradition.

Rest and delight, also kidnapped by beauty of the land and by tastes and parfumes of the tastings, guests went then to a double visit to two particular wineries, both famous for a single characteristic. Perla del Garda, specialised in Lugana wine, where is also possible to visit a private old bikes and motorbikes collection, and Cantina Allegrini, where Amarone is king.

And finally… Golf!

First course played: Gardagolf & Country Club, where the players were engaged to discover the incredible scenery of this first class club, host of the Italian Open 2018 and many other international tournaments.

But this Experience is thought also for whom desires not to use time on fairways. A part of the group has renounced to the long waiting of their fellow golfers, so they could profitate of premium extra activities provided by organisation.

Boarded on a private coach, they went to Milan for a private shopping session, visiting the fashion district and some boutiques and artigianal laboratories where to buy unique pieces of renowed craftsmen.

Then the group made a spot on a vip-terrace in city center with offered freshes and a magical look on the skyline, after that they had the opportunity to enter an exclusive visit to the painting of Leonardo da Vinci “The last supper”. Please note that normally it takes months to book a group access there; this case, just two telephone calls to manage the entering time and that was all.

Once everyone was back to hotel, tranfers brought the group for an exclusive private dinner in the famous library located in “Casa del Podestà”, a historic building in center of Lonato del Garda managed by Foundation Ugo da Como.


Sixth day, on the road to Tuscany, leaving after shoulders days rich in enthusiasm and signed by unforgettable experiences.

Along the way, group went to Museo “Enzo Ferrari” nearby Modena for a guided visit into a real motor paradise. Once arrived in Florence, in late afternoon, guests took some rest in their rooms located in Florence Belmond Villa San Michele. In the evening, they were hosted in a classical music concert provided during the “Maggio musicale fiorentino”.(this last according to the event program).

Just one more night to make order in thoughts and souvenirs, that our friends were ready to walk across vineyards and wineries accesses. Two dating were ready to welcome them, wine tasting by Cantine Amorelli and Fonterutoli, this one very exclusive and protagonist of a delicious gourmet lunch to more appreciate the referral wine of the district: Chianti.

Once back to Florence, a brief pausa and in the evening our guests have participied to a funny “Pizza Class” session, a group lesson with a very particular goal: learn to make homemade traditional italian pizza!

Day eight: walking in the shadows of centuries, all in Florence, one of the most acclaimed italian cities. Some stops were by craftsmen and artist of the historic city center, with a particular guided visit to the ancient silver factory of the family Pampaloni. Gorgeus day!

On the ninth day, guests discovered other fairways and greens, with the eighteen holes of the Royal Golf La Bagnaia, a course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Again, non-player companions had the opportunity to participate in a specific and dedicated activity: the guided tour of the center of Siena and, very characteristic and exclusive, the guided tour of a “Contrada of Siena”, to discover what it really means to live as a “contradaiolo” (inhabitant of the district).

Even the last day of the ‘La dolce vita’ experience was spent playing golf. “The Ugolino” is an Italian historical club, one of the most famous and tested. Here the companions spent a few hours in the fresh hospitality of the club, and then returned all together to the city and floated peacefully on the Arno aboard the traditional “boats”, visiting the historic center along its banks. The day closed with a dinner at Villa Pianigiani, a private noble residence from which the group could enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city of Florence.

And unfortunately, time to fly back to USA arrived…

Gary, Lucilla and their friends moved with transfer to Rome to get on board for their intercontinental flight, loading in cabin their memories ready to tell to family and friends how best they spent the last ten days in an unknown and surprising Italy!

Did the experience of Gary and his group of American friends thrill you? Do you want more details on this Experience or would you like to tailor it to your needs, to make it even more personal?

Contact us now without any obligation!

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disclaimer: The real names of the travelers of this experience have been replaced with pseudonyms, to protect their privacy and according to privacy regulations.

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